Am I being cruel to my Ex?

marv Asked: Am I being cruel to my Ex?

After a problem filled (both of us at fault) marriage my wife started cheating on me with a total loser. He was pretty much homeless and she picked him up on a road trip where she left us (Me, 18 year old step son, and 7 year old boy)at home without transportation for 3 days.I did not know where she was going but she had our last $40. She ended up running out of gas and was stranded he "helped her get home". The first thing he did when she brought him to our town was rob our home. I called the police and he was caught leaving town on a greyhound bus but did not spend a day in jail. At this point I did not know she had sex with him.

I assumed he was in jail but noticed her leaving every night well it didn't take long to find out she was seeing him. Ok so at first I begged her to stop but she would not. She continued to leave every night and even told me that she was taking our 7 year old son to live with him after 3 weeks of meeting him. He would sleep in her truck outside in a nearby parking lot when she got home and when i went to work she would let him in our home or he would just break in. Also she would pick up our 7 year old at school with him. Finally after about 3 months of this she left after I got a court order for custody of our child and sole possession of the home.

Of course he was not from here and was living with people he just met so long story short they went from place to place. After the windows were shot out of her truck after a robbery attempt they traded it for some money and another truck. They got a apartment and we split up our stuff still the divorce was not final. At this time I thought he had a job I did not know that they were committing robberies for their money. Well they were both caught and went to jail. They were already behind on rent and the landlord wanted their stuff out so I got all of her things and none of his and brought it back to an empty room in my home. Most of the things she had were from her deceased parents and I did not want her to lose those. They were good people and also I did not want to have to dispute our property split we pretty much agreed to it at this point.

Ok so one day after 2 weeks in jail I get a call from her saying that she was sitting on the courthouse steps they just released her from jail could I pick her up. Well we were somewhat new here in town and her apartment was gone and she has no family here so i picked her up and brought her back. I did not want to but I did. I made it clear to her that I did not want her back she kept trying to tell me she had changed and wanted our family back. Her boyfriend had a few more priors and some new charges I didn't think they would let him out. Well apparently he is out so now she is back to seeing him again just like what happened before this time he is not coming around here that I know and they have no vehicle so she has given me some stories about needing my car. Well they are having sex in it. Anyway much is left out but I am enraged by this. I do not want to be with her I do not want her to be in my home and I will not let her drive my car. I am going to force her out although I know she has no where to go and she has some medical issues. Am I wrong?


Lock Answered:
No she deserves all she gets.

just Answered:
No! You're not wrong.She has betrayed you, your trust, your family, and she has put your son in danger, with a guy she barely knows; this guy is a criminal, and she lets him near your son?You're not being cruel.She is abusing your kindness to let her stay and use your car.

L A Answered:
no ur not wrong kick her but to the curbe.

Pride Answered:
No, its about time you got tired of being used. Get a good lawyer fast. Keep her away from your son and your home.
You have been fair and kind and she has not been the same to you. Check with your lawyer about her stuff and if you are not obligated to keep it , dont. Call a charity to come get it.
Your gonna have to get a harder heart in order to make it through this.
I am so sorry this is happening to you.
Keep in mind , most women are not like this. Counseling for you and your son is a great idea. Please check into it. I wish you the best.

daniel m Answered:
dude get over her. she is never gonna change. you have to think about yourself and the little one now. time to move on. you are not cruel.

John Answered:
Get her out of your life and do not
listen to her con stories. You deserve
better and so dos your child.
She lacks parenting and responsibility,
she sounds like a narcissist.

Move on with your life you do not
own her anything. She made her life,
her boyfriend and her needs to get
their own car and place.
She needs to get her priorities right,
she is not. Let her be.
Concentrate about your child and your own future,
one day you will find someone who truly loves you.
You are not cruel, she needs to live her own life
that is what she chose and be responsible for
herself. We all have to do that.
I would have walked and never looked at her again.
You are very forgiving. That is what will get you

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