Any legal difference between single and divorced? If not, why do some official forms have both optio

dl Asked: Any legal difference between single and divorced? If not, why do some official forms have both optio

No legal difference. I stopped checking the 'divorced' because it's not their business. I'm single, who cares how I got this way.


redpeachmi Answered:
Some forms/places want the technical certainty.

Most legal forms have both, because "Single" means you have never been married. And of course "Divorced" means you were once married and are no longer.

Wendy Answered:
No difference other than one was legally divorced but both are "single."

I check single, not divorced (am divorced)

Illie Answered:
alimony , child support , exes and visitation .

You also have to figure theguy has lost 1/2 or more of anything he ever owned in the divorce.

It's just a warning of lots of baggage

RydeOn Answered:
yes – single means you have no baggage, financial obligations or drama, divorced means you have a crazy ex that will probably stock you, create troubles, get in your business, drain your bank account with back child support, spousal support, leaving your mind to wander, your body to be stressed, your pockets to be empty and cause you to flee from a scene at any given moment. Single is stable and structed – Divorced is a basket case

Jenna S Answered:
This guys wacked! Hes pulling out his eyelashes and toenails and is a drunkie and is in rehab and you have been verbally abused. File a restraining order was a great idea! Dont say that you feel bad for your daughter, weather she knows it or not you were doing the right thing for sure! Try to find someone for yourself then introduce him to your daughter if you see this relationship forming into something else. This will be her real dad. Dont lie to her though if she does ask about her dad if your in a relationship or not that would most definitley is NOT right. She should truly know what her dad was like and it was better for her to be away from him. Since she is s young she will soon forget her dad. Good Luck with everything and hope you and your Daughter have a great life!!

foxymosh Answered:
I would have done what you did, her safety is of great importance.Here in the uk we would have a 3rd party involved which would mean child visits parent but under supervision, maybe you have that where you live? but apart from that I would not feel guily.

SuperKitten Answered:
He is not a fit parent. It's not her fault that her father is messed up; you just need to be 100% with her when she's older about the divorce, and she'll be able to get over it and cope and not be all messed up. It's not healthy for her to be around him; good job for leaving him! Good luck with your daughter!

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