can a woman still b considered a "housewife" if she is divorced and lives with her kids?

Teehan Western Asked: can a woman still b considered a "housewife" if she is divorced and lives with her kids?

I think the term is Single Mother


I Invented Beans Answered:
that's when she becomes a "domestic goddess"

Betty Lou Answered:
may be

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kt Answered:
Girl fight for your baby and get the hell away from him!

Unless you're a terrible mother which from what how this sounds you're not, he cant take the baby away especially if he's that big of a d!ckhead to act like this.

he's probably acting like this because you guys jumped into this relationship way too fast so he wasnt over Paige.

Give him some time if he really loves you then he could possibly come back refreshed and has learned that he cant act that way towards you.

Please leave him!

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Eva Shah Answered:
Legally, he is guilty of fraud and infidelity. Moreover, courts generally take the side of women when it comes to the custody of child. So, be brave and stand up for yourself. You have nothing to lose, except a man who was never yours at the first place.

Mohican Answered:
Wow I see so many wrong things here. One you married him wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to early plus you get pregnant wowwww. Your going to fast. Second I think this is partly your fault. Protect you're baby. I think he is only using you what kind of guy is in a relation gets a girl pregnant leaves her short after she gets pregnant (asshole) gets into a relationship marries again and gets you pregnant( sounds immature) . See now he doesn't pay attention to you're baby , since he diner take you seriously. I hope everything works well for you, what a mess

cookie Answered:
You're a fool is you stay married to this man.He doesn't pay attention to your daughter and shouldn't be allowed to be a negative influence in her life.Think about your daughter and take her and leave.Stop thinking that you love this man.How in the world can you love someone who doesn't want to be with you and treats you like crap?Get out and file for divorce.

Avinash Answered:
Sorry bt as im 17 yr i would rather
suggest u one
listen tolerance is 1 of the best way to handle situation, bt if it break it becm worse. U mst just seek wht ur husband more attracted in u ur mind, ur beauty or ur heart, ask hm dnt shy. If he says urs mind, then i bet he'l sure choose u forever becz ur mind make hm to take interest in u, n if he attracted towards ur beauty thn he just wana owns fun, n if he loves ur heart then he just love the time spend with u, nw u hv to also seek why ur husband is more caring towards paiger. N if u find it then just silent for smtym n torelate it n wht i gues in sm corner of ur husbands heart there's love for u,then he'l realy cm towards u, nw the bigest prblm is paiger u just talk to her in polite manner n ask her is she gona marry hm or nt or do she love hm or nt if u thnk she loves ur husband more than u n ur husband is hapy to hv her then u mst leave ur husband for hs sake. Bt pls dnt lighten the way of jealousnes, u just lighten the way of being sacrifices cz its better to hv lovely memories than a fake love. N i hope u,l sought out ur matter before u hd baby. Best of luck n do hv trust in urself, in god n every thng wil be fine bye.

Thappad Answered:
Both you and that girl with your kids stay with him.

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