China Man (Kinamand DEN CHN 2005)

Keld is a dull, middle-aged, plumber and former chess prodigy who looks tired all the time. After many years of what is presumed to be a boring marriage, his wife Rie walks out on him. Heartbroken and utterly depressed (but not looking much different from before), Keld sells all his possessions and finds himself dining out every night at a nearby Chinese take-out place. After being noticed as a regular, Keld befriends the restaurant owner Feng, who runs the business with his family. Keld is then approached by Feng with an unusual proposition. Keld is asked to marry Feng's sister Ling, so she can stay in Denmark with the rest of the family. Once her tourist visa expires, Ling will be forced to return alone to China and face an uncertain future. In return, Feng offers to pay Keld a large sum of money and have the marriage annulled after Ling obtains permanent residency status. Refusing at first, Keld rethinks the proposal and reluctantly accepts since he'll need the money to pay his divorce settlement. Upon hearing about the arrangement, another restaurant regular gives Keld the nickname "Kinaman," which means "Chinaman" in Danish. Being unable to communicate with each other (Ling speaks no Danish and Keld doesn't know any Chinese) is the first of many complications that arise, as all does not go according to plan within this marriage of convenience. IMDb USER REVIEWs EXTERNAL REVIEWs THE FILM <b>…</b>

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