Christmas list ideas for a 14 year old girl?

Maggie Asked: Christmas list ideas for a 14 year old girl?

So i know its kind of early, but my mom started asking what i wanted, so I figured i would go ahead and get some ideas.

Let me start by saying that my family doesn't have very much money, and this is the first Christmas that my parents will be spending divorced, so i don't want to put any unnecessary strain on them, because it is their holiday too. That being said, i also need to come up with two lists, so i have some work to do (: Any help would be great!

Please don't recommend an ipod, i have one already, please nothing like a tv, or a computer. we dont have cable, and i use my moms computer 😛 thanks

I love to draw, and i love music. I am in-between being a girly girl and a tomboy, i also like to read. I love to swim and run track. I would like things to decorate my room with, but everything i have found is somewhat expensive.

i honestly have no idea this year, so any suggestions will be helpful (: thank you!


sydney Answered:
What about stencils or something. You said you like to draw.

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