Confronted husband about his cheating now is divorcing me and I am going to have to leave US?

Mei Asked: Confronted husband about his cheating now is divorcing me and I am going to have to leave US?

We have only been married for less then 2 years and my husband is having sex with another women. I confronted him about this and he told me if do not like it that too leave. My problem is I am not a US citizen and have only temporary green card ( which got on fianc visa). If I leave then will be deported and have to return to my home country. It will be very embarrassing for me to return. In addition he lets me send money home to my parents and without that they will not be able to survive. So have been living with this for past few months finally came to decision that not going to take it. When told him he had to stop or else he said fine and I was served divorce papers today at our home. He closed out our bank account. Now am looking at divorce and being deported back to home country. Also now have no money to send family back home and they need my help very badly. What can I do have no license no car and no money need a lawyer but as can tell really no means.


notyou311 Answered:
Consult a lawyer. Your husband will have to pay all of the fees if he wants a divorce. Don't let him scare you or bully you. You have rights.

Jorge R Answered:
You will not get deported cause the divorce… that could happen but not immediately, sorry this really sucks, good luck tho.

RydeOn Answered:
Well you sure showed him ,, didn't you ?

M Freedom Answered:
you are one more of thousands of asians [filipina?] who married a western guy to be his personal prostitute, don't you dare say it was out of love.
you would marrya 70 y o guy to get him to give you money
you flirt, sit on his lap and flatter him you become his slave just to get that wedding ring
then you wonder why he has zero respect for you.
he sees you as his little pet dog.
go home and find any job for your family, don't take the easy route.
you are all gold diggers.

Illicit Awltruist Answered:
I'm sad for you.during your grief, you could maybe learn a bit about negotiations and how to structure win/win outcomes.You got yourself backed into a corner that you should have avoided.

Grandmas Wisdom Answered:
it's ok that it didn't work out.. when you came you had nothing and it's ok to leave with nothing if you have made nothing… you could have been working and or going to school to provide for your self and your family instead of feeling like he still owes you something…just be thankful he has helped you and your family buthe doesn't need to keep doing it (your their child, he isn't) you were just laying up on this mannot even thinking about anything, (but now your caring because your goose is gone)because you were getting yours and your family because butYOU should have been helping out. Just brush yourself off and go on back home and figure out what you and your family are going to do to do livewithout riding on someone elseback.. make your own way and leave his alone

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