Crush:A ICONic Boyz Love Story Episode 1!!(:

Heey Guys,It's Me Vanessa!!(:.I'm SOO Sorry I Haven't Been Uploading Lately..Now…I Am Making A New Story..I Think I'm Gonna Stop Making "Somebody To Love"It's Just A LOT Of Work For Me…SORRY!!:) Well,Off To The Story!!(: Characters: Vanessa Marie Carson. Nick Carter Mara. Olivia Grace Johnson. Madison Naomy Alamia. Nicole Alyssa Miller. Vincent Castronovo Jr. Montana Rae Isgro. Mikey Elio Fusco. Caitlin Leah Jones. Jason Shawn Smith. Jennifer Rose Williams. Thomas Anthony Miceli. Hannah Ava Girone. Louis William Dipippa. AND…SO…MUCH…MORE!!! 😛 Haha(: ———————————————————————— Vanessa's POV:Great,A New City,New School,New Home.What's Next? I'm Vanessa,I'm From LA.But I Moved To New Jersey…Englishtown,New Jersey…It's My First Day Of School..Woop Woop!!-____- Anyways,I Hate That I Have To Move…My Parents Are Divorced,My Mom has a Fiance,His name's Geo…Geo Hubela..He Lives Here In New Jersey..That's The Reason Why I Moved Here.."NESSA!!"Thats My Mom..*ENDOFPOV* Vanessa:*Walks Downstairs*Yeah,Mom? (Lets Call her mom Amy)Amy:Sweetie,Are you ready for School? Vanessa:Yeah,I'm Just Gonna Go Get My Backpack.*Runs Back Upstairs* *5 Minutes Later* Vanessa:*Walks Back Downstairs*Kk..I'm Ready To Go.. Vanessa's Outfit: * Amy:*Walks Outside And Gets In The Car* Vanessa:*Does The Same* Amy:*Drives Off*So…Are you nervous? Vanessa:Nope… Amy:Oh Oka- Vanessa:Mom…You Know That I Dont Want To Be Here..So <b>…</b>

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