Deciding to End Your Marriage


Deciding to End Your Marriage

Deciding to End Your Marriage

One of the hardest choices you will ever have to make is deciding when to end your marriage. It is a very difficult time filled with numerous unknowns. You got married believing that you would always be happy and never believing that someday it would end. It shakes your faith in yourself because you believed you could weather anything life throws at you. You trusted your feelings and began to build a life together.  You bought a house, started a family and possibly even a business together. Then everything changed.


When you finally come to the realization that your beliefs in yourself, your partner and your relationship were wrong, what do you do? Some people never leave a bad marriage and never go on to find true happiness again. To these people, making the decision to end their unhappy marriage is a more frightening prospect than staying and living a life of misery.


Everyone is different and deciding to end your marriage depends on each person. It is not unheard of for an abused spouse to move back in with their abuser. People who finally do leave their marriage have probably mentally left that marriage a long time ago, even if they are still there physically. You get to a point that you know counseling won’t help and you have lost faith in your spouse to try harder. You get to a point where you don’t care whose fault it is any more; you just want to feel free again of all the dread of the relationship. You want out.


Over time you learn to take responsibility for your part, because everyone knows it isn’t just one persons fault. Maybe you learn to forgive your partner for their role in the relationship, but you know that you must end your marriage in order to find the happiness you deserve. You realize that there is an emotional and a business component to ending your marriage. To deal with the emotional aspects, you rally support from your family, friends and loved ones. To deal with the business aspects, you build a Business Plan for Divorce ®. To learn more, please visit


Divorce is difficult and one of the most physical and emotionally taxing processes you can go through. The reality that your marriage is ending can put you into a tailspin and ironically, it is during this difficult emotional time period that you need to be completely clear thinking in your business affairs.
You will need to make unemotional and strategic business decisions that will affect your future financial life as a single person.

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