Did Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries really get a divorce!?

Taylor Asked: Did Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries really get a divorce!?

Did Kim really file for divorce? Are they really getting one or is this all lies from the media?!?


RedAnimalLover Answered:
Yes, they really are

Javier Answered:
Its true, im the new husband 😉

Hand puppet pet Answered:
It was planned from the start, a stunt! They have very little entertaining talent and rely on notoriety.

Chilly Cloth Answered:
Antidepressants at age 14? Wow….I'm sorry, but she must be very depressed then. I think she just can't take it anymore. Seriously. You HAVE to ask her what's going on. You HAVE to talk to her. Hope that helps!

Brittany Answered:
Yes. My counselor just talked to my class about this today. The way I can tell that she is depressed is because she can't focus, she is sleepy, and crys for no reason. Dot ignore it. Act. Acknowledge, care, and tell! Tell someone about it. Not their parent, like a counselor. Tell her you are worried about her, and that she should talk to her mom or dad about this ASAP! Hope this helped, and good luck with your friend. OH! and just try to talk to your friend about the argument, or just talk about her feelings and how you feel.

Amber Answered:

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