Does marriage mean anything?

Lol Asked: Does marriage mean anything?

Why do we still have marriage when I hear 40% of marriages end up in divorce anyways?


ALEX Answered:
It means commitment. It's the cornerstone of a family unit. Children deserve a mother and a father that love each other and are committed to each other and the family. They protect the children.

Divorce destroys children's lives. It leaves them so vulnerable to mistreatment and abuse. Any psychologist/psycho therapist, psychologist worth anything will attest to this fact.

The reason that there is so much divorce is because people are so ignorant as to what makes for a healthy relationship. They are ignorant about how you successfully date and choose a mate.

Clover Answered:
it means a lot to people to me it means that you want to spend the rest of my life with that person im catholic and i do not believe in divorce. People do not think about the future. I really dont wanna waste my time and money in the future to get a divorce more people should think about it as something more then signing a piece of paper

Ann Answered:
To me, it means a great deal. However, there are far too many people in this world that don't feel its something special anymore. Its just something they take for granted and feel they can treat as every other document they shred.

Smile If You Still Can Answered:
I think with this generation they cheat more and they dont care as much. It is truely hard to find a guy/girl that is loyal nowdays.

Brittany Answered:
Its a way for 50% of the population to make the other 50% work for them.

Mohamet Goldstein Answered:
marriage??? Whats that, cant find it in the dictionary…

F Answered:
It's 52% and it only means something to those that desire to be married.

But then, what does the 52% mean?

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