every autumm one shot Joick en

Joe and Nick are both 6 now: Authors pov Nick lives in LA with his mum. Joe is from NYC but goes every autumm to his father in LA because his parents got a divorce and hes spending the autumm holidays there. Nick and Joe never met but that was gonna change, end of pov Nick:*playing in the sand alone* Joe:*goes to the playground/sees him/runs to him* Hi Nick:hey*looks at him* Joe: want to play with me? Nick: yea Joe: good im Joe *grins* Nick: Im Nick*grins too ^^* Authers Pov Joes dad knew Nick and Nicks Mum so he let them play together they became good friends but the autumm was over and chrismas arrived so joe had to go home but he promiesed he would come next year in the autumm but he never came end of pov 11 1/2 years later Nicks pov its early autumm an im sitting here with my girlfriend selena(bah xD(sry xDD) and im thinking of the boy i met 12 years ago!! why didnt he come back? end of pov with joe at the airport in LA Cammile: Thank you Joe its a dream come true i am meeting Heidi Klum *sqeak* Joe: yeah but i left all my friends so you gotta win honey Cam:i will Joe i will !! after a week Joes Pov: she did it she won im so happy for her