Experiencing a Marriage Break Up?

If You’re Experiencing a Marriage Break Up,

Experiencing a Marriage Break Up

Experiencing a Marriage Break Uone of the first things you should do is take a deep breath and consider: you can’t do it all on your own. You will need help, especially if you have children, own a business with your spouse, or are facing a hostile divorce. Every divorce has the potential for intense exchange of emotions, and piling on the added stresses of trying to handle everything alone may quickly cause you to go into complete breakdown. Remember, your friends and family love you and want to be there to help you in any way possible, and there are numerous professionals available to help you with details you didn’t think of on your own. When a marriage breaks up, the lives of everyone involved change, and it can be too much to handle alone.

the first things to think about are the practical aspects of safety and security for yourself and your children. Get together all your paperwork on accounts, bills, expenses, debts – basically, anything having to do with money. If possible, discuss monthly expenses with your spouse and come to an agreement on immediate bills and living costs until a more permanent agreement can be reached. Unquestionably, “money makes the world go round” and you must be prepared to take an evaluation of their finances, and yours, as soon as you know for sure that your marriage is breaking up.  Not only will you need to make this evaluation yourself, but you need to be prepared to disclose it to your attorney.

As soon as possible, you want to hire both an attorney and a therapist, counselor, religious advisor, or other professional to help you with your emotional turmoil during the divorce. Your attorney will aid you with practical and legal matters, and the other person will aid you with emotional support and recovery. Your attorney will also be able to advise you on permanent financial decisions and necessary legal proceedings to protect you, your assets, and your children for the future. Marriages are similar to business contracts and during a marriage break up your properties, bank accounts, employment history and earnings, and even your future time, may be analyzed for value down to the penny. Combined with underlying stresses and emotions from the break up, this aspect of the divorce process can make people feel scrutinized, judged, depressed, or angry. The person helping with your emotional recovery should be sensitive to the stresses of the divorce process itself, as well as emotions resulting from the break up of the marriage.


Marriage Break Up Conclusions

You must be capable of caring for yourself in order to care for others. Don’t forget to devote equal support to your children during your divorce process. Speak with your child’s teacher, or guidance counselor, and inform them of the changes at home. Have your child speak with a counselor or therapist to be evaluated if they need recurring therapy. Remember to ask for help during your marriage break up because nobody can do it alone.


Divorce is difficult and one of the most physical and emotionally taxing processes you can go through. The reality that your marriage is ending can put you into a tailspin and ironically, it is during this difficult emotional time period that you need to be completely clear thinking in your business affairs.
You will need to make unemotional and strategic business decisions that will affect your future financial life as a single person.

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