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Circle the letter of the sentence in which the word in parenthesis type is used incorrectly.

a. Isabel Archer receives from an uncle a large (patrimony) that enables her to live and travel independently.
b. After paying their fathers debts, no (patrimony) remained for the brothers.
c. The crew gave a (patrimonial) dinner to honor their retiring leader.
d. As the only heir, Eleanor of Aquitaine received a (patrimony) surpassing many kingdoms.

a. A precocious student, she (matriculated) at the university when she was fifteen.
b. Water can be purified by (matriculation) through a series of filters.
c. You cannot check out books from the college library until you have (matriculated).
d. Because of his illness during the autumn, he postponed (matriculating) until the second semester.

a. Although Elizabeth 1 of England had many suitors, she never married, and remained a (monogamist) all her life.
b. Unlike the swan, who keeps one mate for life, most animals are not (monogamous).
c. "Serial (monogamy)" is having several mates but one at a time.
d. Although divorce was easily and frequently obtained, ancient Roman society was (monogamous)

a. At Thanksgiving we all visit grandma, the family (matriarch)
b. I could imagine an energetic woman like her as a leader in a (matriarchy)
c. Although men held the positions of leadership, the tribe was considered (matriarchal) because women controlled all property.
d. Catherine the Great rode to her coronation in a gilded (matriarch)

a. The (familial) tune reminded us of college football games.
b. She shared with her brothers the (familial) trait of cheerfulness.
c. Although a demanding executive, in (familial) matters she is patient and accepting.
d. Few strangers are privileged to enter Spanish (familial) circles.

a. The (bigamist) was prosecuted when both his wives filed suit against him.
b. In Tibet (bigamy) is allowed only when a man marries his brother's widow.
c. According ti a new Marriage Law, (bigamy) was prohibited.
d. Before they stood upright, (bigamists) moved on four legs.

a. The crystals were found in a granite (matrix).
b. The diverse cultural (matrix) of Constantinople, situated between Europe and Asia, gave rise to a new architectural style that combined both influences.
c. Some anthropologists believe that the (matrix) of human evolution was East Africa.
d. Only a strong (matrix) like Aunt Martha could have held the family together.

a. Lavransdatter is a Norwegian (patronymic) that means "the daughter of Lavran"
b. Names like Fitzpatrick and Fitzgerald are (patronymics) derived from the French words fils, which means "son".
c. She squandered her entire (patronymic) on the stock market.
d. Russian names include a first name, a (patronymic), and a family name.

a. (Fraternize) yourself with the rules before you attempt to play chess.
b. The faculty seldom (fraternized) with the students.
c. During World War 2 the French underground gained military information by (fraternizing) with German Soldiers.
d. All the tourist's efforts to (fraternize) with the villagers ended in rejection.

a. We seldom (patronize) this store because the clerks were very rude.
b. The seniors have a (patronizing) attitude toward all freshmen.
c. If you can't (patronize) this candidate's views, don't support her.
d. She never (patronizes) restaurants where smoking is permitted.

a. He was insulted by her (patronage), especially her references to his "low origins"
b. Public television stations depend financially on the (patronage) of the viewers.
c. Upon retirement, Dr. Wong sold both her office and (patronage) to a young dentist.
d. The (patronage) of the Mellon family has enabled the art museum to make major purchases.

a. He took an (avuncular) interest in the neighbor's children.
b. An (avuncular) infection can cause deafness.
c. (Avuncular) affection led him to make his niece his heir.
d. Letting me stay up late and eat lots of chocolate were (avuncular) indulgences both my uncle and I enjoyed.

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