how can a father get full custody of kids in texas?

jazzyfae Asked: how can a father get full custody of kids in texas?

So my bf, wants to get full of custody of his two kids (4 & 5yr old). The thing is, he doesnt know how to go about it. He wouldnt mind having joint custody but his ex found out I am pregnant, and now she doesnt let him see or talk to the kids because of me, also she sends him text messages saying she is changing their last names and eventually going to take child support off so he cant have anything to do with them, and also she sends texts messages saying remarks about how she is going to keep taking money from him and not let him see the kids. He is supposed to get the kids every other wkend but she rarely lets that happen so when he took her to the tx child support office to discuss this she denied it and they didnt do anything about it. Also she doesnt even have the 5yr old daughter in elementary just in daycare with the 4 yr old cause she wants to wait till the 4yr old turns 5 (next year) so they can start elementary school together. Another thing is, she gave the tx child support office an address that supposedly is where her and the kids stay at but they dont even live there and he has no idea where they are staying at. The state of texas seem to favor the mothers, so its hard on his behalf also he is 24 but he worries that they might use the fact that he got arrested when he was 17 against him even though he has never been arrested after that. She also has had CPS called on her 2 times but nothing was ever done. He said if he cant get full custody at least for his mother to get custody of the kids, so how can he go about this? He also isnt technically divorced from her they been separated for 3 yrs and she has another bf but does their marriage affect his child support cause i have heard that if you are married you cant get child support put on you but i dont know how true is that?


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