How can i mentally stimulate my wife for sexual arousal?

Shaun B Asked: How can i mentally stimulate my wife for sexual arousal?

My wife and I have been together for 3 years now.She has alot of regression issues and child hood scars that inhibit her from being affectionate with me.Her father played a big part on how she interacts with men.I mean we have 2 kids together now and Im sure this could be more of a hormonal imbalance than a regression issue but I cant help but think that she doesnt care about my needs anymore.I mean, if you dont want to have sex fine, but there are ways to keep your husband happy without over exerting yourself.She tells me that something tells her inside to not be affectionate because it doesnt feel right.What should i do, im HIGHLY affectionate and EXTREMELY sexual.Its making have thoughts i dont want to have and I am not a fan of Masturbation when my whole adult life i was having sex on a constant basis…now its a couple times a month. She tells me this will not change and I should consider this or break up…..i love her.i love my family very much.

What i have noticed about her is that she is a mental person, and not like nuts or crazy, but she is very in tune with her mind. Sometime she gets angry to easily but i dont think its an issue.Point is, she doesnt even try…..I am reluctant to touch her now or try to make sexual innuendos or jokes because shes finds them distasteful….im young.Im 27, and i dont think this is something we should be having issues with.Granted, at the end of the day Ive been working for almost 12 hours while shes at home all day with our 2 kids.Im not at all tired to toss out sex but she is…always.
I feel like she just isnt trying at all to make me complete when all i do is change my ways to make her happy.Im trying to romance her but its hard when you feel awkward about making love as i do now….now i feel like our relationship is diminishing.I keep trying to make plans and woo her but her constant rejection has me feeling inadequate or unattractive or worse….unimportant.
I need to know how i can mentally arouse her to get her to come to me.I want to know any techniques or spiritual journeys i must take with her to connect on that level and persuade her body to want mine.Any advice is good advice for my marriage and family is on the line here…thanks.


Mary Kontrarry Answered:
Your wife needs a therapist to help her deal with, maybe even overcome, her childhood issues.
If she will not help herself, then divorce might be the only answer to staying friends with her and raising your children in a loving environment.

M F Answered:
Try tantric sex. It is very mental. It is worth a shot. Other than that is a counselor or divorce which should be the very last option in your book. Best of luck in working out your marriage.

Jasmin Answered:
Well first of all you do not found like a high school student. To Love and to want a partner in life is something that we as humans all want and search for. It's just the way it is. You can try and fight the inevitable but chances are you're going to find someone your going to fall in love with someday and when that day comes your going to think back on this thought of yours and not understand why this even crossed your mind. There is no way to "turn off your emotions" its just who we are. We feel. We feel love, sadness, anger, happiness, excitement and even bored there is no way to turn off such a beautiful thing. We need it to be understanding of others and love ourselves. I hope you understand that your young yes this is the time to be building your future but you'll regret not taking the time to look around at all the beautiful things that there are. To look and see that there are other important things in life as well.

Derek Answered:
No compromise. We will defeat libs and their stupid policies that don't work.

Eyes of Earth Answered:
Anarcho-capitalist? Lol… Humans dont need massive governments to be civil, compassionate, educated and forgiving to the community.

Tux Answered:
they all suck

Bill Clinton Answered:
HEY SPARKY!! Nobody's better than Bill Clinton!! You take that back, right Now!!

LJ Answered:
I really don't like Huntsman as a candidate.I think that many of his policies are leaning on socialist.Herman Cain is looking best to me.I like his tax plans (which is saying a lot, as I am going into tax accounting), he is all about limited government, and cutting spending, etc. etc.

Jim Rooks Answered:
so he's the only one you think "The One" can beat, I guess?

x x Answered:
If by reasonable Republican you really mean Democrat?
He worked for Obama as of last month.

Dr Zaius Answered:
The tea party represents what I like to call the 17 to 20 percent of Bush approvers on his last day in office.I always appreciate how they want to stamp their vision for America on all of our foreheads.I think in the upcoming general election, the more moderate majority is going to give them a trouncing.

Mr Horsepower Answered:
Huntsman only has 69 supporters atleast he did back in Iowa

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