How to attract Gemini man back again?

earthmetaphorm Asked: How to attract Gemini man back again?

I'm a scorpio woman. We're in our mid 30's.Known each other for 7.Dated, been in relationship on and off for 2 years.Lived together a little.Connected as friends and musicians first collaborating. lots of laughs, never fought, very compatible.He's in love with me, made promises to me, came at me hard.I've never pressured him with anything, even though underneath I've been in love with him and want him and only him.He's committed to me and talked about marriage, kids, that this is it…. then he got busy with a job…. Then he said he needs space, don't wait around for him, to do my thing, it's not about chicks, just his own space.

H'es left before.He's avoided even his guy friends before.Before he broke it off, we didn't talk for 5 or 6 months or so.He dated a couple women and knew it wouldn't last.When we reconnected this is when he came on hard. It was different and it felt much more genuine. He said the search is over.That I'm the one. I don't think it makes sense that he'd manipulate me to get in my pants or's been 7 months or so of consistent loving and being in a relationship, that he wanted!!Then he just ended it out of no where.I know he has issues with a divorce and missing his son.I hope I havent' been played.We have a lot of mutual friends, I'm not a hookup.and have the respect of his family, brother, friends….

how do i attract him back?
I'm not going to seek him out.
The only place we run into eachother is, sadly, facebook… so what can I post on my page to attract him?I know that sounds lame…
I've got a lot going on, i'm independent.What do you think?


1 Answered:
okay your independent and in your in your 30s chasing after a guy who probably isnt worth it fnd the guy who will die for u not this schmuck come on i know you can do better…dnt chase a guy

Ciera Answered:
Gemini and Scop – horrible match. Move on to something better, asap!

shelly Answered:
It just means you have more friends than the other people in your community.You have adapted to the new ways and they have not, yet.You will prosper first.Maybe others in your community will follow your lead, maybe they will be too afraid.

Hildo Answered:
well you are open minded and that dosent make you gay it makes you a great guy

marari Answered:
no i was gay and in the army and my worthless piece of **** 1st seargant said he did not want those ******* in the army and they should all go home during our white phase ceromony. The other soldiers caought wind of me being gay becuase i would not lie about having a gf like all the other gay soldiers who pass for str8 did in basic training. they all banned together from multiple platoons and sabotaged my equipment when i was sleeping during firegaurd and surronded me and stonned me with rocks while the drill seargant was not around. and it burned me up inside because i wanted to beat the **** out of somebody but knew that was not a wise thing to do. I couldnt ignore them becuase i had to go everywhere they went. and my ds would sing cadences about worthless gay soldiers and *******. I thought highly of them and had so much respect for them going in but know i hate them and everything they are and feel stupid for every thinking so highly of the army and them as people and pretended to be weak and incapable until i was kicked out of basic for fear that i would **** one of those soldiers up VERY BADLY. And now i am left with a bitter resentment twoards the army and us troops.

Cookie Crisp Answered:
Well if you have to ask… that means you don't even know yourself so…?!What does that tell you? For me, I'm always very suspicious when a so-called 'straight" guy is for gay rights. I mean what's in for him, right? Don't get me wrong, it's one thing to not be against them and good for you for not being all hateful, but… straights actively support that?! I honestly don't get it. I don't know any straight men that would enjoy being in the same dorm with a gay guy. At the very least they would be super uncomfortable and on edge about what could happen while they sleep or how other straight men would even perceive them being that they were in such closely intimate situation. Or did you see the question about the gay guy who watches gay men at the gym showers? What straight man would enjoy that? Here it is:;

There's something called the "down-low" which is men who claim being straight but have sex with other men. Eventually they quit the denial game and come out as gay. But whatever floats your boat.

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