How would the military find out I’m divorced if I didn’t tell anyone?

Chris Asked: How would the military find out I’m divorced if I didn’t tell anyone?

I recently got a divorce and don't want to notify finance so I can keep my BAH. How could the military find out if I don't tell anyone about it?


Starfish Answered:
Are you crazy?Of course they can find out, it's a matter of public record.You are soooo going to wind up in major trouble.

TiltMe2Day Answered:
IRS – did you make a change in your W-4?Or your ex because she knew you'd try to cheat the government out of that extra cash…or your CO heard it through the grapevine.

A million reasons it could have happened…

Somethingtotry Answered:
Divorces are public record, and if I am not mistaken, I believe that the court is required to send notification to the military of any court action toward an active military member. You better take care of it before they find out or you will be paying all that back.

pAradimethyl Aminobenzaldahyde Answered:
Yea, dude, this is a VERY BAD idea. Not only is it unethical, it may be CRIMINAL, so you may not only have to pay back anything you were not entitled to, but you could be subject to arrest, an Article 15 (where they can take additional money from your pay); loss of rank (more money gone); additional duties (say goodbye to any part time jobs you're working) and even JAIL TIME. You could lose any security clearance you might have, etc, etc…

and they WILL find out about it. Not only are there official ways they can find out, you should KNOW one of your back stabbing buddies will ALWAYS rat you out, lol.Get real, do the right thing.

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