i droped out of highschool and got my g.e.d, but now i wan’t to go back how can i?

tad Asked: i droped out of highschool and got my g.e.d, but now i wan’t to go back how can i?

I dropped out freshman year cuz my dad had me arrested twice and some asshole was trying to fight me at school and i would've gotten my face kicked in. Im not a pussy i'm just a pacifist and i know i would'nt look the same if i had'nt gotten out of that situation. I was 16 at the time and i was a freshman im 17 now. My probation officer or someone told me about the g.e.d program and that i can get my g.e.d at 16 since i was on probation. I did'nt know that it could potentialy have been the biggest mistake of my life. During this time my parents we're going through a nasty divorce, so my mom and I had to move because my dad is a cynical, evil man who abuses law enforcement. The main reason i dropped out was so my mom could get away from him and not be by herself. So I want to go back to highschool, mainly because i have no social life anymore, i had plenty of friends back where i used to live, and now im alone and im having trouble ajusting.


Jess Antonio Answered:
Death is never the solution. Trying getting some counselling assistance.

Annie Answered:
Hey!!! You do NOT want to die. Talk straight to your mother!!!!!!! Tell her how you feel. Tell her that you want to focus on your studies and social life and not just babysitting. You can tell her that you want some money…. I mean hey…….. wtf is wrong with her?????

Tell her that you're not a babysitter,you are her daughter…

Just,sometimes the way you can get rid of your problems is to talk. Talk to her and talk to your school counselor please!!

Good luck 🙂

mia844 Answered:
Just say all of this stuff to your mother on her face and I am sure you will definitely get to go somewhere, keeping things in while feeling lonely will only increase your pain, once you say things out, things start falling into places. What are you scared of?worst is already happening to you right?nothing bad can happen to you more than this, just tell her that you are fed up of all this. Instead of you crying why don't you step up and speak?and yes do call social services for help, they can help you better than anyone online I believe.

liz Answered:
Hang in there kid. Dont let it beat you. See the bigger picture and love yourself.

You do not want to die sweetheart. That is never the answer. You are going to have to set your mother down and tell her what you just told us. Be polite but firm.

lo Answered:
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