I had an affair with a married man, he got me pregnant. I am already in a relationship?

ZoeChar Asked: I had an affair with a married man, he got me pregnant. I am already in a relationship?

I had an affair with a married man, he got me pregnant. I am already in a relationship with the father of my three children.
The man Iv'e been sleeping with is my true love. He's Filipino and gorgeous, he is married to his Filipina wife and live just round the corner from my family and I. My partner works nights and my lover comes round my place when he is at work to kiss and make love with me, now I am pregnant with his baby. I need to leave my partner before he finds out that I am pregnant with another mans baby. My partner had the irreversible vasectomy over 3 years ago so he knows that the baby isn't his. My Filipino lover who cant divorce his wife for me says he loves me and is begging me to keep his baby and not have an abortion.
I want to take my 3 kids and find somewhere new to live and have this baby. How do I tell my partner I want to leave him without upsetting him and him finding out about the baby?
The Filipino has a child that goes to the same school as my children. We passed each other everyday dropping our kids off to school and picking them up. He gave me deep long stares into my eyes everytime we passed each other for months and months. I just fell in love with him and became obsessed with him. Eventually we got chatting and I asked him if I could have an hours kissing session with him but nothing more. We started kissing in his flat, his wife at work, my kids at school and my partner in bed recovering from a night shift at work. His kisses blew me away and he was very aggressive and passionate. We kissed for half an hour and then he tried to remove my clothing, but I was pulling at my clothes to keep them on. Then picked me up and put me on his bed where he and his wife sleeps and continued his assault. I just melted and forgot all my morals. We have been sleeping together 2 to 3 times a week for 2 and a half months now. I am now pregnant.


Lee Mason Answered:
Home wrecker

Fugitiveangel Answered:
You all people in the story have very strong ethics, huh?….I'd better write no further comment….We live in a sick, wicked world indeed.

maz22 c Answered:
serves you right

Jermaine Answered:
nah you're just a slag

LADY Answered:
LOL…HE got you pregnant?What, he slipped it in while you were out shopping or something?

It's your mess to clean up.Take your lumps and stop hurting other people.Keep your legs closed.

Cindy Answered:
Have the abortion. If he can't leave his wife that is telling you he is just seeing you as a piece of action on the side no matter how turbulent or pleasant their relationship may be.
As for telling your partner, just tell the truth. You got yourself into this mess, now get yourself out of it.
Failing that, go on the Jeremy Kyle show.

Sianna Answered:
As someone who has just found out that her husband had an affair I think I have every right to comment! Do you know the hurt you have caused let alone this poor innocent child!!! It's discusting and immoral you deserve everything you get!!!! Arghhh women like you make me sick!!

a GUY bein a GUY Answered:
better have the abortion.

and in future keep yopur knickers on.

Scribbles Answered:
Tread carefully.In Filipino law the child you are carrying belongs to him and is his property.If you were in his country you would be in prison by now and so would he.There is no way of keeping this child and not upsetting your husband and his wife-how do you expect that to happen?You have a choice, abort your child (and before I get a thumbs down, it is an individuals choice), or keep the child and come clean with your husband and your lover's wife.You cannot expect to keep the child and keep it a secret, that is just not realistic.Your lover has already told you that he will be standing by his wife so ultimately the decision is now yours.He really has no right to ask you to consider his feelings when he will not be standing by you.I don't know your true situation but you may find that you actually do care for your husband but have been blinded by infatuation.You should try to work things out with your family but if you truly do not love your husband then you should set him free to find love somewhere else.Don't be hasty though as you may find that once he's gone you will realise your mistake.I hope he will forgive your indiscretion and that all goes well for you whatever you decide.Best of luck.

yeah Answered:
You've been cheating on him and you're worried about how not to hurt his feelings? o_O I think his life would be a new happy beginning if you came clean; I don't know why you have so much faith in this other man when he is cheating on his wife for you. What makes you think (if he already hasn't) that he wont reverse that crap on you? I hope you do keep the child, as he seems willing to support it. Good luck

dreamaker9729 Answered:
Girl idk why you came on here to ask that question bc some people on here can be cruel…but let me give you the 411. You seem like a bright young lady with a good head on your shoulders, but a married man would never leave his wife…they will tell you they will and want! Now congrads on the baby, and that baby is what you need to worry about now…but your going to get your heart broken. Men keep sideline chicks for a reason…when a sideline chick become emotional then they are ready to cut you off. And remember if he do commit to you then someone else MIGHT BECOME THE POSITION YOU WERE IN!

but ask him if he would leave his wife and see what he says!

unknown friend Answered:
When you play with fire your get burned.

There is no way to rectify this without hurting everyone.Your lover won't be there for you if you have his child so if you do keep it, be prepared to raise it on your own.

At this point the best thing you can do is come clean with your partner and hope he can forgive you, do not have any further contact with your lover and focus on the fixing the damage you two have caused.Even your children will be hurt in this mess you have caused.They will feel the tension no matter how much you try to hide it.

If your partner can not forgive you then you need to start looking for another place to live and bring up your children.

Your lover will find another lover if he doesn't already have a few.He obviously does not think much of his wife or their marriage to be doing what he has done.

wolfman Answered:
The guy used you as his wh..e. He can't leave his wife? Why not? Looks like he has no problem with destroying your families life. Think about your kids. Should you uproot them from their friends, school, home and father just because you created a problem for yourself? If you do love the father of your children tell him what happened and hope that he can forgive you and try to work things out. The filipino has no say regarding what you do with the baby. If you do decide to keep it the filipino will have to pay child support and will also have parental rights.
Sounds like you are sleeping with both guys. You really should talk to someone.

roughgar Answered:
way to go Zoe Way To Go!! now look what youve done, that is a very tough question one to which I don't think there is a solution the filipino got the pussy and split he wants you to have the baby but won't kleave his wife? who would have thought that something like this would or could happen!

Emily Answered:
Says everything when you just said that he said he can't leave his wife for you. Go with your kids and leave both of them. You obviously don't love your husband and your 'lover' doesn't love you. Do not give him the best of both worlds

Jennifer Bell Answered:
he doesn't want to leave his wife so your just sex to him.You need to tell your husband what happened and hope he doesn't leave you and take the kids with him. or he may kick you out.

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