I knocked up a teenage girl but I still have feelings for my wife, WHAT the hell should I do?

Mike Asked: I knocked up a teenage girl but I still have feelings for my wife, WHAT the hell should I do?

Since March(about six months ago) my wife and I broke up and I moved out. Neither of us filed for divorce yet because we still communicate and we still are clearly not over each other. There was no adultery or abuse within our marriage that caused us to split up, we just weren't getting along. We have our differences and we clashed a lot(long story). We don't have children together but I've been raising her son as my own for the past 8 years since his father is rarely around. I love that little boy with all my heart.

In May, I started hooking up with this college girl. I didn't lead her on and I made it clear to her that I'm just looking for fun. After all, I'm still legally married and I'm not 100% sure where my wife and I stand in terms of reconciling or going ahead with a divorce. We simply haven't decided yet. But now the girl is 3 months pregnant. IF it's mine, I'll be a man and take care of the child but I don't want to commit to this girl. She's only 19, I'm 37. If her baby is mine, it'll be my first(biological) child. The girl is hurt that I don't want to be with her but at least I told her the truth from day one. *shrugs* Not my fault. Sorry.

What makes things even more complicated is the guy that my wife is dating now. Since we still talk quite often(especially when I pick up my stepson for the weekend), my wife and I tend to share a lot of personal stories with each other. She knows about the girl I impregnated and I know about the guy she's dating. According to my wife, this guy says "his ex-wife broke his heart and he's not ready for another commitment". He uses that as an excuse to have sex with other women. BUT he claims that he loves my wife and he begs her not to take me back because he knows he still loves me. I'm a man and I know how men think. He is PLAYING with my wife's emotions; she's really starting to fall for the loser! But everyone will assume that it's my "jealousy" talking.

What should I(we all) do?


Christo Minaverus Answered:
What should you all do? I dunno maybe talk about your marriage and figure out where you stand before you date someone else or impregnate someone? I mean seriously I hope this is a joke.

MrSpock Answered:
… mega troll


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