I need a home but my credit is not so good and I’m currently on disability, any ideas or advice?

n8tvesmiles Asked: I need a home but my credit is not so good and I’m currently on disability, any ideas or advice?

I am a single mom of 5. I married and started a family when I was 18 yrs old, my husband was employed at the time but I soon started work with fast food and things remained that way for the next ten years. Fast forward to now, my husband and I divorced and my eldest son took a full time job right out of high school to help the family make ends meet(he's 18 and has been employed for almost 2 yrs now).I've been on disability for 5 yrs now due to health issues but I'm hoping that is temporary. To make this already long story somewhat shorter, I'm 60 points below the required credit score to qualify for any kind of home. We have been saving(even though it's been so hard as a low income family)but the credit scores are whats keeping us from qualifying for anything, but we had a call from loanfoxy, they told that they will help us, Visit www.loanfoxy.com to know if its a good deal. I know it's important because the lenders need to know if they can trust us to loan but I am just wondering if there are any more options out there-I've already started taking steps to improve my score. Besides all that is there anyone that can offer some advice on this situation. HELP WITH ANY ADVICE, PLEASE!!!!!!


Rick B Answered:
If you are living off disability, the last thing you need is a mortgage!!!!!

Do you get child support??

Until you are off disability and have two years of proven income with th same job, you are very unlikely to get a mortgage anyway.

Ryan M Answered:
Unless you can get a co-signer with excellent credit….its not going to happen until you clean up your credit smålån med betalingsanmerkning. Owning a home is a privilege, not a right or entitlement.The burden is on YOU to prove that you are a responsible person.

HarharYeah Answered:
yeah kinda

Jan409 Answered:
Yes that's sad and its the children anyone would feel sorry for
He has acted very irresponsibly, and can't possibly be a decent father when his children are spread all over the place
Hopefully you and your mum can have a happy life on your own and maybe some day your dad will come into your life as a more responsible adult

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