I want a divorce and my husband insinuates he will commit suicide if I leave. What should I do?

TingTingTingly Asked: I want a divorce and my husband insinuates he will commit suicide if I leave. What should I do?

He told me the day after we married that he was going to jump off a bridge before we met and I am the only reason he is still alive.Now I want a divorce.I will not get into it, but I have good reason.

I feel hijacked and also heartless.I do not want anything to happen to him, but I am miserable and broke.He is zapping my bank account and my life.

Am I responsible?


HotHotpinkGrillz Answered:
No your not responsible. He is responsible for getting himself help. And he is being selfish by making you feel that you are helpless.

shelovesdablues Answered:
You are not responsible for HIS choices.

He's manipulating you and it's working.If you're done, leave and let him decide for himself how he wants to conduct himself.Suicide is a personal choice.

xcntrygal Answered:
call the police or something and say, and get him help, and get a divorce

Crichton Answered:
Divorce him.He's just trying to manipulate you.

Dave Answered:
you're entirely responsible

azmac229 Answered:
Suggest counseling. If he attempts it and ends up in the hospital they will force him into evaluation.

jeanimus Answered:
No.Your husband is a mature adult.If he feels suicidal he should get help.Saying you are the reason he is alive is heaping all his own responsibility for everything on to you.He is notyour responsibility.Adults are responsible for their own actions and cannot blame other people.He says he was suicidal before you met, so it really is his problem to sort out.

Anna Anderson Answered:
No you are not responsible. He may try to place blame but it isn't your fault. You should do what will ultimately make you happy during your life. It is a horrible situation when someone tries to blame you for their wanting to commit suicide if you leave. A lot of people are faking it but again you never know. I don't know how he really is but he could just be doing it to keep you there. But again he also may not be faking it but his life is up to him.

joanna Answered:
you are NOT responsible for this man. He is extremely selfish to do this to you. Go for your divorce free your self be happy.

Terry Answered:
I did not even read the other answers because this is so close to my own heart. RUN, RUN, RUN. You are responsible to keep yourself save. You are responsible for your own happiness. You are being controlled by fear. You will grow old and become bitter, maybe even wanting to help him die later on. GET OUT!

alialoggi Answered:
I had the same thing happen to me, so I knew that I had to be very sensative to his feelings, when I broke up with him.I told him that I enjoyed our friendship (because I did), but that I didn't see a future with us and I told him the reasons why.I think you need to do the same thing.Tell him why you are breaking up because part of those reasons are because of his actions.Tell him that you will not change your mind.Maybe he will feel happy to at least have a friendship with you.If he suggests that he will kill himself, tell him that that is not a fair thing to do to you, someone he loves, to manipulate them into believing that he will kill himself if you don't stay in a relationship with him.Maybe being straight with him will get him to realize exactly how manipulative his actions could be.

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