I’m in love with my husband AND my ex AND my boyfriend? Please, any advice? KIDS involved?

Cathy Asked: I’m in love with my husband AND my ex AND my boyfriend? Please, any advice? KIDS involved?

I swear on everything that I'm not trolling. I am in love with my husband, my ex-boyfriend(first love) and my current boyfriend. I'm 36 years old and I feel like a stupid teenage girl for doing this to them because they are all amazing men. All of whom I have children with. So, I have to make a choice and I'd appreciate some advice and opinions.

I met and fell in love with Keith while we were in college and we dated steadily for over three years(1993-1996). Keith became my first love when I got into college. I gave him my virginity and everything. During my fourth year in college in 1991, I had to spend four months in Europe studying abroad. Keith and I had a big argument before I left for Europe but we didn't exactly breakup. While I was in Europe, I met Emmett. Although I've never seen him around campus, he was also studying abroad and he was attending the same college as Keith and me. Emmett and I started studying together and then dating and then falling in love. The closer I got to Emmett, the farther apart I got from Keith. When I returned to NJ, I told Keith that I fell for someone else so we broke up and it broke his heart. Emmett and I stayed together, finished college, got married in 2001, had our daughter in 2004 and our son in 2006. Emmett and I had a great marriage until he cheated on me 5 years ago with some stripper at his brother's bachelor party WHILE I was still pregnant with our son! I forgave him because I love him and he's a good man over all but I didn't forget. Keith and I reunited via Facebook in March 2009 through a mutual friend from college. He's divorced and he has an 8 year old daughter; his ex-wife was a gold-digging, thieving tramp. Sparks started flying again, we met up in person and I proceeded to have an affair with Keith while married to Emmett. I still love Keith but I had no plans on leaving Emmett. Keith feels no remorse about dating me because he feels as though Emmett "robbed" him of what he could have had with me and he needs to honor his pride as a man(WHATEVER that means). True. In college, Emmett did tell me to make a choice between him and Keith or else he would take it to the next level with some girl he was talking to at the time. I chose Emmett NOT because I didn't want that girl to have him but because I loved him too much to lose him even though I was in love with Keith too. So, I guess Keith is still disgruntled after all these years. After a few months of reconnecting with Keith I ended up pregnant. I HAD to tell Emmett because I wasn't sure who the father was. Emmett was hurt and he packed up and moved out in August 2009 but we still remain legally married. Although I continue to sleep with Keith, I wasn't ready to commit myself to him because I was still sad about separating from Emmett. Even when I gave birth to Keith's son (the DNA test proved its his) in April 2010, I still didn't commit. In July 2010, I met Jesse. He was single, sexy, smart, funny and sweet. He's exactly 30 years old(six years younger than me) but he's VERY mature. Jesse and I have been dating ever since then and we moved in together. I'm really in love with Jesse and I gave birth to his daughter in June 2011(another DNA test confirmation). I'm going to admit that ever since Emmett and I separated, we would occasionally spend the night together, have sex and sometimes discuss reconciling. Just like I'm in a relationship with Jesse, Emmett has a girlfriend of his own. Now, Emmett is sick of "playing games" with me, he told me if I want to give our marriage another chance he will dump his girlfriend and I'll have to dump Jesse(and Keith). My husband(flaws and all) is a good man; he even said he'll treat the kids I have by Keith and Jesse the same way he treats the two that we have together. But if I don't leave Keith and Jesse alone, he's staying with Isabel and we're getting a divorce. It's a hard decision, especially with all these children involved.

I'm in love with Emmett, our marriage was wonderful but it was his ONE mistake with that skank and my ONE mistake with Keith that ruined it all. Not to mention, Emmett and I have two amazing kids who miss having their daddy home. I love Keith with all my heart and I always looked back and felt bad about the way I betrayed him in college. I always wondered what would have happened if I married him instead. He NEVER would have wound up with such a witch for a wife. The more I look at the precious baby boy I have with Keith it breaks me down and I cry. But I'm VERY happy with Jesse and I love him so much. He gave me my fourth child and I gave him his first. I'm sure he knows that I still have feelings for my husband(that's why I try not to feel sad when he sleeps with other women) but he has NO clue that I'm STILL seeing Keith but he does know about our child. I don't want to keep doing this.


Lawrence Answered:
It`s not about you,it`s about what is best for your children.your life will come back to you when they grow up which I think you need to do.If you truly want to stop then stop.please focus on the signals you are sending your children because if you don`t they will wind up in the same situation in their lives.you lay the basis of your childrensfuture by the way you conduct yourself while bringing them up.I am not making judgment on you but rather concerned about the signals you are sending them.

MC SPIKE Answered:
OMG HAHA.. Ur praticlly talkn **** about EMMET cheatn on u but u did the same to him and the other guys WTF u talk **** about KEITHS ex but ur Worse. im not tryna be mean but damn i think its between KEITH and EMMIT. HA stay wit KEITH, DUMP EMMIT and tell his GF he was cheatn wit u

TTC 2 Answered:
Wow… STD central….

You sound like you want your cake and eat it too.

And don't blame your husband's drunken slip up at a bachelor party for you having an AFFAIR. they are two completely different things. He just had sex with someone, you shared your bed, your life,your heart with someone. That's worse.

Why don't you just pick the one who has the most money and more assests? Or the one who's best in bed? Or the one who makes the cutest kids with you? Cause you obviously LOVE them all SOOOOO much…

A Answered:
Sounds like you love to string men along. Is that why you keep getting pregnant by these various men?At 36, you should know how to use protection. I am sorry that emmet cheated on you.

Braddons mommy Answered:
You need to get divorced because you are ruining the institution of marriage.You need to be single and focus on the 4 children that you have.A hysterectomy may be a good idea.

Tyler Answered:
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