Is it the most miserable thing for a 47 woman to be single all her life?

Carol H Asked: Is it the most miserable thing for a 47 woman to be single all her life?

live by herself without sex. Or are there any bright part about this situation? I am 47, divorced this year without kid. I am worried about my future,and confused about myself. Can you give me some opinions?


TJ Johnston Answered:
You could try and get back out there.

Maybe online dating? It seems to work for a lot of people in your situation.

Just look at it like this. 47 years may have past, but you still have up to 43 years of life left. Celebrate!

Loads of time. Just get out there now. You will find someone you can spend your life with.

I lovethe color Blue Answered:
there are so many men and women who were married got older and now divorced.. of course you can still meet a great man… but you can also be miserable even if you are with a man. 🙂

no mercy Answered:
i think sex is the least concern for a single old woman with no kids. and sorry, i have nothing good to say – my current husband's ex wife got dumped by him when she was 43 – not she is 50, still not in relationships. but at least she has 2 daughters with whom she is very close. my friend started trying to find a man on internet when she was 41, now she is 48 – still nothing. but at least she has a son. i hope u at least are loaded – that way u can find a younger dude

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