Is she depressed– important?

Rosabeth Asked: Is she depressed– important?

She's my best friend of 12 years. She's 14. We were very close. About a month ago, she started acting wacky. Here's why I'm not sure…

– she's always had low self-esteem
– she's always had an interest in school
– math is hard for her

Here are the things that have changed

– can't focus in algebra
– sleeping habits changed– gets on internet instead
– has stopped eating a lot… loses weight
– completely ignores me and hangs out with the "dumb" girls
– doesn't want to hang out anymore
– stayed at home on Halloween to sleep
– has low self-esteem
– cries for no reason
– recalls dead relative
– has always been stressed
– is going to therapist
– has, in past, been counseled for anger issues
– used to be bullied
– dad isn't great parent; he's divorced and she travels to see him 2 weekends a month.
– not good with social things
– pressured to be smart by dad
– may or may not be on antidepressants

Is she depressed? Do I talk to her? We got in a fight last night. I don't want her to get hurt. I just want my friend back.


Ada Answered:

Hunter Answered:
Just back off let her have her space and try to comfort her she will come around

Liz Answered:
Yes I was depressed once u feel usless hungry weak tired you don't eat a lot so u lose weight she is depressed

kitty in the sink Answered:
She's seeing a therapist. She may or may not be depressed, but that's not really your concern. If you are her friend, you will talk to her. Be there for her, let her know you will listen whenever she's ready. Make plans for the weekend. That's all you can do.


Chilly Cloth Answered:
Antidepressants at age 14? Wow….I'm sorry, but she must be very depressed then. I think she just can't take it anymore. Seriously. You HAVE to ask her what's going on. You HAVE to talk to her. Hope that helps!

Brittany Answered:
Yes. My counselor just talked to my class about this today. The way I can tell that she is depressed is because she can't focus, she is sleepy, and crys for no reason. Dot ignore it. Act. Acknowledge, care, and tell! Tell someone about it. Not their parent, like a counselor. Tell her you are worried about her, and that she should talk to her mom or dad about this ASAP! Hope this helped, and good luck with your friend. OH! and just try to talk to your friend about the argument, or just talk about her feelings and how you feel.

Amber Answered:

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