Just take a look at this one, please – a True Love question?

Epic Fail Asked: Just take a look at this one, please – a True Love question?

I found my true love in 2005. I was only a teenager at the time and was told it couldn't be true love so many times, along with complications, that I began to believe it and we ended up breaking up only a month or so prior to our marriage a few years after meeting him. I jumped into another relationship with someone I hardly knew and married him a month later, and ended up getting pregnant, and after my daughter was born, a divorce. (many complicated details here) I could never get my True love out of my head or my heart, and we stayed in contact on and off every since, trying again two or three more times, but always at the worst moments. I tried to live my life without him, seeing as I had made the choice to marry someone else and chose to try not to be with my true love. I tried so hard to push him out of my life, out of my heart, etc. to no prevail. After six months of no contact with him, and only a phone call then (before that I hadn't talked to him in 4 or 5 months) I ended up talking with him, and he told me everything I already knew and felt and tried to suppress. So it seems after so many years, after so much history and complications, he still feels the same as I do, and always have. I haven't brought him into my daughters life, just in case and due to our history. He's with someone else, but she's not the 'marrying type' and says how much he wants to grow old with me and experience life together with me, etc all of our hopes and dreams. At first I thought he was pulling my leg, then i was out raged that after so long in suppressing everything, in one simple conversation everything i worked for was for nothing, all of my feelings came out of the box i thought i had secured it in. I don't know I'm just so overwhelmed with thoughts and emotion right now so please forgive me if I get off track. He tried to reasure me this evening but i still worry

The point is, after everything that has happened, it is still certain we are soul mates, to what extent should we act on this? I am willing to give up everything for him, exception my daughter and her development. He's willing to give up everything, but is afraid to because if it doesn't work out again he doesn't think he could recover and he can be decently happy in the life he's trying to build in the long run. What would you suggest? Leave him be try to re-suppress my feelings and let him be decently happy or to not let this opportunity pass us up and jump at it and try again?

Please be honest, but not purposely harsh.


Bianca Answered:
There's nothing worst than the feeling of WHAT IF. However, I wouldn't try ANYTHING with him, especially letting him meet your daughter, until he has broken up with this not-marriage-material-girl you mentioned. What is there to loose? From what I see, you really love him, and love is always worth ''fighting for'' (corny, but true). Just take it slow, because both of you have had a complicated past, and the relationship will slowly ease in and it could become a great love story. Take it one step at a time, but HE HAS TO BE SINGLE FIRST. Hope it helps 🙂

rainbow retardation Answered:
well if you know you're soul mates then go for it! soul mates are meant to be together so no point trying to stay away from each other.

DeJa Adams Answered:
its soo obvious tht u 2 cant liv without each other.. So why try?? just jump abboard and see where it goes. i think u should start over with him. like go out on a few dates first. if he is what ur lookin for then introduce him to your daughter and see how they both connect.

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