Leaving a Bad Marriage For Good



Knowing When to Leave a Bad Marriage

Leaving a bad marriage

Leaving a bad marriage

Leaving a bad marriage can be difficult – no matter how intolerable the relationship has become. You’ve gotten married, after all, which means you have publically declared your relationship. And breaking up is equally public.

First things first. You owe it to your spouse to at least let them know that there’s a problem, and to go to marriage counselling first. That’s unless your reason for leaving a bad marriage has been a sudden discovery about infidelity or some other behaviour that has caused the marriage to have been broken beyond repair.

If you’re sure you want to leave, then you’ll need to tell your partner that the marriage is over. This can be very difficult, but it’s an essential part of leaving a bad marriage. Before you do this, you should arrange for one or the other of you to have somewhere to stay for a few days, so you can a break from each other and things calm down. If you have children, then you need to factor them into the equation – make sure that they are looked after, no matter what else happens between you and your ex-partner.

Once you’ve broken the news to your partner, the process of leaving a bad marriage can vary greatly in its complexity. You will need to negotiate who stays in your former marital home and how your possessions are divided. You will need to agree visitation rights for any children – and possibly even any beloved pets, too. You may find that it is difficult for friends to maintain their relationships with both of you, although you cannot control this aspect of your divorce.

Some couples find that, once they have decided that they are leaving a bad marriage, arrangements are fairly amicable and divorce is a fairly straightforward process, with the bare minimum of legalities.

However, if you have been together a long time and you share many assets and responsibilities, it can be more difficult to separate your lives. In this case, it may be necessary to mediate your divorce through the courts. However, different jurisdictions may have differing views on alimony and conventions surrounding childcare. Be as informed as you can be about what is likely to happen as your divorce processes through the courts, and be very clear about what you want to gain from the process.

Leaving a bad marriage can be stressful and consume much of your time and money. At times the process can be depressing and can get you down. However, having a clear plan for all aspects of your divorce will help you to cope with whatever life throws at you. And, one day, you will wake up and realise that your life is much improved, you have your freedom back, and that life goes on. Although your marriage did not work out, everyone makes mistakes.

Ultimately, if your partnership has become intolerable, then leaving a bad marriage can be your path to regaining your happiness, self-esteem, and even forming a new and much more loving relationship.

Divorce is difficult and one of the most physical and emotionally taxing processes you can go through. The reality that your marriage is ending can put you into a tailspin and ironically, it is during this difficult emotional time period that you need to be completely clear thinking in your business affairs.
You will need to make unemotional and strategic business decisions that will affect your future financial life as a single person.