Lifetime Movie made in the 90s!!! Please Help!!?

Johnta Asked: Lifetime Movie made in the 90s!!! Please Help!!?

I am looking for a movie about a women who on her anniversary is told by husband he wants divorce. she then moves to home town and with best friends tries to restore a B and B. Falls in love with a young carpenter who happens to be seperated,but his wife falls ill to cancer. The older woman is pregnant but does not tell him. He leaves after his wife dies and returns back to the older woman and meets his son for the first time who she named Sam after her best friend. She also has two older children who are twins.


Mrs h2 Answered:
sometimes u can quailfy for a free attorney..just saying sometimes women are evil? however check yourself and ask your self why? and ask God to make u the best dad the girls could have.. get involved in a church in do a life change..

bbydeer4635 Answered:
There could be many reasons for this. We as a community dont know you or your family history enough to accuratley answer this question. The best thing you can do, is respectfully ask your ex wife why she is doing it. It could be just because she is upset about the divorce and that is her way to hurt you too, maybe she cant handle seeing you when you're not together, or hell maybe there is more to the situation then we know and she is doing it because she feels it is in the kids' best interest… in some circumstances it IS, not saying this is or isnt the case. Fathers have rights. It doesnt cost that much to file a paper in court for visitation… unless there is a reason you should need a lawyer, I would say if it is that important to you, find a way to come up with money to file for visitation in family court. Good luck

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