MORE THEN FRIENDS (a nelena story) ep 243

Okay here is the next episode Linda: what Nick: This isn't working I want a divorce Linda: nick Nick: I'm sorry but it's not and I'm tired of it Linda: we could make it work Nick: I don't want to talk about this anymore I'm going to shower and you know your way out (( with Selena)) Demi: okay let me get this straight …..Jeremy kissed you then out of nowhere Logan comes out and saves you the Jeremy leaves then nick comes out and after all that you beat nick up Selena: pretty much Demi: why didn't you beat Logan up Selena: it was Nicks idea Demi: but Logan followed him Selena: ( sighs) Demi Demi: what I'm just saying are you still going to go out with Logan Selena: yes Demi: okay your weird Selena: shut up ( laughs a little) Demi: ( rolls her eyes but smiles) Selena: well I had a long day so I'm going to bed Demi: and what are you going to do about Nick Selena: ( shrugs) nothing Demi: nothing Selena: ( nods) Nick has Linda and I moved on to Logan Demi: why did you guys moved on to letter L's Selena: what???? Demi: Linda … Logan …. They both start with the letter L Selena: ( shrugs) beats me Demi: okay….. Well go to sleep Selena: ( nods)) (( next day)) (( someone is knocking on the door)) Selena : ( opens it) Linda Linda: Selena Selena: what are you doing here Linda: I know you have something going on with Nick Selena: no I don't Linda: yes you do Selena: look we just dated that's all but we broke up Linda: you guys dated Selena: ( nods) yes Linda: oh my gosh Selena <b>…</b>