My boyfriend does all the crying the relationship :/?

Jamie Asked: My boyfriend does all the crying the relationship :/?

I feel like our gender roles are reversed I never cry and when I do I hide and never want people to see me or know that I am crying. I had a hard childhood to not gonna lie for example, my father used to beat the crap out of my mother sometimes me he sent her to the hospital a few times I would at 4 yrs old make my then 3yr old sister dinner. Once my parents finally got divorced, my father limilted money supply even though he had to pay we grew up without a lot, in conjuction I was stilled getting abused by him. Then, go to middleschool and I was bullied to death. I don't like sharing this to people I know because I hate pity but is it safe to say I went through alot?
Now my boyfriend cries all the time! He comes from a great family he is in his mid 20's but he has not completed school and he drowns his feelings in alcohol and smoking – pot and cigarettes. His reason for his problems is that he remembers everything and his mind makes him go insane! I have that problem but have learned to deal. Regardless, he has tried to commit suicide and thank god he doesn't but even though his problems seem silly I always drop what I am doing to console him and make him feel better, he cries like every single time! I have depression and always thought that I was the weak one but I am getting slight aggitated because I do everything in my power to help him but he is doing nothing to help himself. I have considered cutting ties off but am worried he may go off the deep end and really kill himself, when I recommend professional help (btw I have gotten help!) he get very hostile. What do I do :/


willisno5 Answered:
wow heavy you know what you need to do you can worry about him or you can do him and you a favor stand aside and let him do what ever it is he will do.
ps by the way there is nothing wrong with cring.

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