My dad is being totally gay?

CryCryCry Asked: My dad is being totally gay?

My parents divorced eight years ago and since then my dad has been living with his new wife Christine. The only thing is Christine is totally a man, it's really obvious because sometimes you can see razor stubble poking out through her makeup also she has a huge package, you can especially see it when she wears mom jeans. Still my dad denies it. Also one time I'm pretty sure I saw Christine at Wal-Mart when he wasn't made up to look like a woman, I could tell he was very nervous looking at me and I think he realized that I recognized him. I don't want him to feel like he has to lie to me because I am gay myself and do not judge him. So yesterday I confronted my dad about it and told him that I am gay and asked him if Christine is trans or if he was making his partner dress like a woman just so we wouldn't know that he is gay, and he said he didn't know what I was talking about and that Christine is a woman, then he said he was very disappointed in me for being gay. What should I do?


Sue Whee Answered:
Cool story. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me….

Have the Strength to Let go Answered:
Talk with him, don't argue or anything. Just make eachother tell your secrets ect.

Brebabyyy 13 Answered:
Well dang, I'm sorry. I guess if I were you I'd talk to Christine and talk to her and confront her about it. But idk b/c that could start drama, but you might be able to get some answers from her. Good luck <3

Pinx Answered:
Notice his jaw didn't drop when you told him YOU were gay? hmmm….yeah….
Just let it go honey, he may not be ready to come out. And maybe Christine isn't either.
You can't force people to 'come out', so, SHHHHhhhh!!!! lol

Joshua Graham Answered:
This is the third time I've seen this question and each time I said the same thing. Rip his wig off.

Lamington Answered:
Cool story

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