my father is a british citizen he was a British citizen at the time of my birth bt i born in an othe

She Asked: my father is a british citizen he was a British citizen at the time of my birth bt i born in an othe

My father came to UK in 1966 and he became British citizen in 1969. After that he married my mother in 1977 in Pakistan. My father got two daughters from my mother. Then he left my mother with out give her a divorce and marries in Pakistan with an other woman and registers her in UK as his wife and got a son from her.
Now I am 30 years old here in UK as a student doing my MBA specialization in Project management, which is almost in its completion phase. And I want to claim my birth right as British citizen but my father who always kept us deprived of our registration in UK . He is evasive and not helping us to give us his nationality passport copy so I can attach it to my application and send to home office.
I try my best he is not refusing me as daughter but he dont want to give me his help in this regards.I went to his home but seem like no hope from there.
Now I am writing because I am really dishearten and I am having this birth right to a bored here according to the British law. I am ready to have DNA test. Or go through any test to prove me his daughter.
The documents that I got my parents marriage photo the marriage certificate their property documents that my father give to my mother .
I got my passport my ID card my birth certificate and education transcripts, which is showing me as his daughters.I can provide my mother and sister documents which shows the same scenario.
Now can you tell me what should I do and do we have any legal rights according to the British law in this case to claim the British nationality as birth right even if our father is not helping . If yes then how should I apply .
If no then where should I go for justice which door should I knock for justice .


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