My mom says that gay people are what’s wrong with the world?

dawn1812000 Asked: My mom says that gay people are what’s wrong with the world?

Basically, my mom hate gay people.She mocks them and she says they go against God's word in the bible.I told my mom that no body is perfect and they every single person who has ever lived has went against God word at some point in their life.Lying, stealing, murder, infidelity, cussing, divorce, premarital sex, etc..But, my mom still thinks that being gay is the worst thing in the world.


castedshadowlurker Answered:
i think hate is

Cable T Answered:
Being gay is worse than pedophilia? Worse then murder? Worse than robbery? Worse than rape? So Mom's saying that a person convicted of manslaughter should get a lighter jail sentence than a man who has sex with another man? Mom's head is on crooked.

Tall Willow Answered:
Well, it sounds like she's a bigot on that subject at least.Obviously, she's wrong; things that do harm are far, far worse than who someone loves, even if you (mistakenly) thought being gay is a sin.

But a lot of people are just irrational on the subject.Sounds like you know better, though.Good for you.

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