My stepdad tries to sexually harrass me?

SilvieA Asked: My stepdad tries to sexually harrass me?

My mom and dad got a divorce when I was 10 now I'm 14 and she remarried. I was forced to live her and my stepdad and my brother who's 16 but my stepdad abuses me and my mom doesn't believe me. He tries to touch me all the time when my mom is at work and I hate him so much. He is twice my size and I'm afraid he will rape me if he gets drunk and I'm home alone with him sometime. All I want is to go live with my dad, I love my dad so much he's the best, how can I make the court give me to my dad? He doesn't have a lot of money but I don't care I just want to live with him and leave this house. I told my dad that he tried to abuse me and he said he would kill him if he ever layed hands on me……… please help me.


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