please help with my history homework?

Tony Asked: please help with my history homework?

Question 1

All of the following describe the reforms of Tiberius Gracchus and their consequences except?

A. He was assassinated

B. He proposed a land reform program

C. He was the first of the political leaders that were appealing to the masses.

D. The Senate supported his program but the Plebian assembly would not.

Question 2

The Roman father ?

a) had control over his children including their property as long as he lived

b) relied on a group of advisors to help him with personal decisions

c) maintained control over his daughter even after she was married

d) all of the above

Question 3

"Struggle of the orders" refers to a political power struggle between the Roman aristocrats (patricians) and common people (plebeians), which finally ended when?

A. the plebeians burnt down the Senate

B. the patricians agreed to make plebeians eligible for membership in the Roman Senate.

C. the plebeians, in 287 B.C.E., won the right to draft and pass laws in their own assembly which would apply to everyone

D.D.the ban on marriage between plebeians and patricians was lifted.

Question 4

Why did the Roman aristocrats create a republican system of government and not a monarchy?

a) They feared that a sole ruler would deprive individuals of political influence.

b) They hated kings because they feared that any sole ruler would abuse his power.

c) They distrusted eastern Mediterranean empires like the Persians and wanted to avoid emulating them in any way.

Question 5

Which of the following statements regarding women in Roman society is false?

A. Most women enjoyed relative independence, particularly by the first century B.C.E., because by then the requirement that they have male guardians to conduct business was largely ignored.

B. Women tended to marry later in life, so as to be able to accumulate a dowry large enough to procure the basic necessities of a household.

C. Some poor women, if they could not find work in small-scale production, retail, or services, made a legal living as prostitutes.

D. Unlike their Greek counterparts, Roman women enjoyed considerable freedom of movement in public; they could join their men at dinner parties, run businesses, and even participate, on occasion, in political demonstrations.

Question 6

Roman society in the Republic was fundamentally oriented around?

a) hierarchy, patriarchy, and duty.

b) trade, commerce, and cultural diversity.

c) individual competition and self improvement.

d) monotheism.

Question 7

Roman children were required to memorize the Twelve Tables,?

A. an heroic epic.

B. a Stoic philosophical tract.

C. a religious moral poem.

D. a law code.

Question 8

Augustus fulfilled his role as Rome's patron by providing?

a) free public baths for the poor.

b) the first public fire department in Western history

c) abolishing the Senate

d) free medical care for all children.

Question 9

Under the rule of Augustus, elite culture and popular entertainment?

A. increased government revenue through entrance fees for plays and gladiatorial exhibitions.

B. rejected Greek influence as part of the Romanization promoted by Augustus.

C. served to legitimize and strengthen the new system of government.

D. were severely curtailed by Augustus after a scandal involving his daughter.

Question 10

Augustus reformed the military in all of the following ways except ?

a) He fixed the term of enlistment to 20 years

b) He provided retired legionnaires with land in colonies throughout the empire

c) He disbanded the praetorian guard

d) None of the above


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