Seriously, I am being pressed to leave my church, due to the fact of my husband not being evenly yok

TINA W Asked: Seriously, I am being pressed to leave my church, due to the fact of my husband not being evenly yok

beliefs, I left my church before.. Prior to marriage, and he did not follow as christ anticpates on us to do, so now We are married and its the same situation. My heart loves christ and my church family. and can see in the spiritual realm of what he is trying to do. So.. I am ready to trust in GOD and end this marriage.


Oakville rocks Answered:
It seems that you are heading for eternal damnation.

crypticnonsequitur Answered:
if you would leave a real man for an imaginary one who makes outrageous demands on you, then you pretty much deserve what you get …

Liz Answered:
God Hates Divorce. Find another church!! Really? Can anyone at your church walk on water? Everyone is a sinner

alialoggi Answered:
I'd run away from a church that turns me away because my husband wont agree to go along with my beliefs!Who needs such control in their lives?You are just trying to find a justifiable reason to leave your marriage and its total bs.Many people live as man and wife and they have different religious beliefs.

Starfish Answered:
Find a church that doesn't tell it's members to divorce or else.

What is this, a cult?

Don't drink the cool-aid.

Liz Answered:
Find a new church…

Sausage Mahoney Answered:
So before marriage, he did not join you at your new church? But you married him anyway. It is unfair to then after marriage blame him for not having the same beliefs as you.

Back when I still believed, I recognized that none of the religions could be perfectly right, and I assumed that rather than damn everyone, God was willing to overlook the small mistakes each religion makes. So it's not particularly important which religion you follow, and it's not important that you and your husband have identical beliefs.

jaded Answered:
Live and let live and mutual respect for his and your beliefs.
Any church that tells you different is not!!!The word of god.
Jeez, woman, put on your big girl panties and use your head! I have a theory that the more ..religious.. A person is, the more their IQ goes down.
Shake it off.

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