Sign Language 201 Final

1: For my last vacation, I went to England. There I studied history. Every Tuesday we drove to old places. There were a lot of castles. My friends and I go everywhere in the United Kingdom. My favorite place was London. It is a beautiful city with lots of people. In the morning, go to museums but at night you go party. I want to live there. 2: My friend Cynthia influences me. She is a smart, nice, beautiful woman. She loves to travel the world. I am strong because of her. Mt aunt influences me too. After a divorce, she went back to university. She loves her career. She is a strong woman, strong mother, strong aunt, and strong sister. 3: I drive to Walmart to get cheap food. Pasta is one dollar! I pick up snacks and drinks, like soda and water, frozen dinner and lunch. When I am finish I wait to check out for a long time. I then go to Safeway to get fruit and vegetables. It is expensive but the food is good. I go shopping twice a month. I get a lot of food. I go home and make a delicious dinner. 4: My favorite birthday was when I was eleven. I woke up and put on my new green dress. My mom gave me a gift. I opened it and it was a TV! My friend came over and we talked. We were excited. Finally we were ready for dinner. I went outside and, surprise! There was a white limo just for me! We went and picked up my friends and went to dinner. Great day! 5: Before a vacation, I pick new clothes. I make a list of what to pack. Fist, I pack clothes. Then I pack my shoes. Then there is <b>…</b>