Spiritually speaking, should I dump my girlfriend?

Hugo Asked: Spiritually speaking, should I dump my girlfriend?

We just had our third date and she informed me she is saving herself for marriage.Since 100% of marriages in which the couple did not have sex before hand ends in divorce or one person in the couple murdering the other, should I just end it now?


ANDRE L Answered:
-That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.-

MAC FAG Answered:
It's a nice way of saying "I am having a threesome with your best friend and your father.".

James 310 Answered:
Tis the season.Always break up before Christmas and get back together after Valentine's day.

Michael S Answered:
Yes – end it now.

steven lishman Answered:
depends if she will still blow you

Jerome Answered:

E equals I x R Answered:
Did you know 83% of statitistics are made up on the spot? And dump her, if all you're interested in is sex then do her the favor and end it.
Btw, she's only a girlfriend, it's not like you have to marry her.

Stewie Answered:
Promise me you'll never get married?

AllyK Answered:
That statistic isn't true!
Things are almost never 100%
If she is saving herself for marriage (you), than it's even more special.
If you really love her, don't do it.
If you're just looking for an excuse to breakup with her 'cause she won't sleep with you… jerk!
But I don't think you are (it was just in case)
If you REALLY think that it won't work out, call it off. But if you think you can work it out or that it'll all be fine, don't do it.

I hope this helped 🙂

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