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Ending a Marriage Amicably

Ending a Marriage Amicably


Ending a Marriage Amicably

Ending a Marriage Amicably

The stress and trauma of a marriage break-up can live with a couple forever, but there are ways of ending a marriage amicably. Those whose relationship is coming to an end may already be experiencing sleepless nights over the future – what’s going to happen with the children, how will you deal with the family home, what about money? The questions seem endless, the solutions far away.


But ending a marriage amicably is possible – the end of your marriage doesn’t have to become a battle field if both sides accept the reality of the relationship being over and want to divorce without further pain, anxiety and worry for either of you.


And while you and your soon-to-be-ex are hardly going to be best friends during the process (there’s a reason your marriage is over), with a little effort you can emerge from the darkness at the end of the divorce tunnel with the possibility intact that, one day, you might become friends.


So the first thing each of you must do is accept that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and there is no going back. Ending a marriage amicably means neither of you should ever open up old wounds nor indulge in “he said, she said” point scoring – while that’s often understandable behavior, it’s petty and will continue to sour what’s left of your relationship.


If you have children, what becomes of them is likely to be your priority and, as many divorces become even more messy over the question of custody, any couple ending a marriage amicably must be willing to negotiate calmly and, if necessary, compromise over the future of their children. Don’t ever use the children as pawns in any game of one-upmanship. Remember, they didn’t cause the marriage to end; they are the innocent party in all of this and deserve to be protected as much as possible.


It is really a willingness to keep talking that will be the key to ending a marriage amicably. You have shared a life with this other person and while each of you now accepts that your life together is over, you can wish the best for each other in the future.


Do remember, however, that some people will move on more quickly from divorce than others and be prepared to show some understanding to your partner if he or she seems to be taking longer to come to terms with the divorce. This will be beneficial to you both in the long run.


Another way to avoid your divorce becoming a battleground is to make sure family and friends don’t take sides. Calmly explain it is an amicable split and each of you needs love and support from everyone to get through this.


And the very best thing about ending a marriage amicably is that you are likely to avoid spiraling costs with a lawyer. Be reasonable and calm in your discussions and you are likely to walk away from the process emotionally stronger and financially better off.


Divorce is always likely to be an unhappy experience, but ending a marriage amicably can ensure there is no lasting bitterness and that eventually both of you may be able to look back fondly on your relationship.







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