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What is better for a man as regards marital status………..?

I know everything Asked: What is better for a man as regards marital status………..?

What is better for a man as regards marital status?

Just think about this from a western viewpoint with all the legalities, and compare the advantages/disadvantages between being married and not being married.

In western society with all the legal processes, marriage is such a fragile, stressful, uncertain, disloyal, non-committing type of arrangement. I suppose on the up side there is a possibility it may work, but there is no denying that a women will always has issues to deal with, and there is always going to be a stress to deal with in keeping the woman thinking that she is happy. It's too much to deal with; there is enough sh't in life without that.

Conversely, a single person never has a legal issue with an arrangement of this type. A single person does not have the figurative ball and chain that they have carry around to persecute themselves with. A single never has to worry about a knife in their back from those who are playing the part of your best friend. On the down side, I suppose there is the issue of loneliness.

But in the end you have to wonder which is the lesser of the two evils?

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