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Why does my husband chooses his friends over me_?

selina quintanilla Asked: Why does my husband chooses his friends over me_?

My husband and I have been married for 2 years together for 4, we have a 1 1/2 year old little girl and we are a young couple, my family moved states when i was about 17 and he followed along to be with me, left his job school everything after a few years in this new state we got married had a baby ETC. . . we didn't know anybody here it was just me and him and i liked that. when i was pregnant with our baby there was a few times that after work hedidn't come home until 4 or 5 in the morning to be with some of his new friends i gave him hell about it and for the next year or so he didn't ever do it again. This year has been a hard year for us we almost split up.Through his job he has met a bunch of people. He met a good friend and they became buddies well the thing is his friend is very irresponsible and cheats on his wife all the time, i didn't want my hubby to pick that up so i disliked that they hung around all the time. So his friend has a "friend" that is our age and she was diagnosed with "MS" my husband and i grew alot of love for her (i became a real good friend to her i thought) , behind my back they were both seeing each other and communicating with each other my husband confessed to me that he had a little crush on her i went CRAZY i kicked him out ,she kept it away from me as well as he did, I confronted her and she told me she didn't like him back (BULLSHIT RIGHT?) that she was just there to listen to him and that she never told me because she didn't want me an my man to fight, blah blah blah some bullshit (that just showed me that she was never MY friend after all) . My husband said they never did anything not even a kiss or hug that he was just confused because me and him were going through so much and she was always there to listen. . So due to that we almost got a divorce, my husband begged for a 2nd chance and he is the father to my child and the love of my life. we worked things out and its been like 4 months since that. Well now she is starting to come in the picture again because my husband is starting to talk to his buddy again (which is her roommate) . My husband said that his buddy is his best friend and that he is not going to stop talking to him because of what happened (because its not his fault) He doesn't lie to me he tells me all the time he go's over there and stuff but Im nervous and confused and really angry, i keep asking him why are you doing this? you know i don't trust you because of what happened and you are making it worst by hanging around with them ( she is in their group of friends and they all knew her and my husband were seeing each other behind my back) he tells me that they are just his friends and i shouldn't trip
last night it was a chicks party and they all went out to a bar he asked me permission to go and i told him i cant control you, so if you want to go WELL GO he took it as a yes. He came back and told me all the fun they all had and and that he wasn't near her at all i was just miserable hearing it( i wish i could of went, but like i said i don't affiliate with them anymore and Im sure they don't like me) so i feel that my husband should lose connection with them because it almost ended our marriage. If i had a group of friends that didn't like my husband (which i had before and i cut out of my life ) i wouldn't be their friends because my hubby is more important to me. I need advice ;/ why does my husband chooses his stupid friends over me what do i do i know we are young (22) but i know better then that, and he doesn't ? . GRRRR please help me out guys

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