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my father is a british citizen he was a British citizen at the time of my birth bt i born in an othe

She Asked: my father is a british citizen he was a British citizen at the time of my birth bt i born in an othe

My father came to UK in 1966 and he became British citizen in 1969. After that he married my mother in 1977 in Pakistan. My father got two daughters from my mother. Then he left my mother with out give her a divorce and marries in Pakistan with an other woman and registers her in UK as his wife and got a son from her.
Now I am 30 years old here in UK as a student doing my MBA specialization in Project management, which is almost in its completion phase. And I want to claim my birth right as British citizen but my father who always kept us deprived of our registration in UK . He is evasive and not helping us to give us his nationality passport copy so I can attach it to my application and send to home office.
I try my best he is not refusing me as daughter but he dont want to give me his help in this regards.I went to his home but seem like no hope from there.
Now I am writing because I am really dishearten and I am having this birth right to a bored here according to the British law. I am ready to have DNA test. Or go through any test to prove me his daughter.
The documents that I got my parents marriage photo the marriage certificate their property documents that my father give to my mother .
I got my passport my ID card my birth certificate and education transcripts, which is showing me as his daughters.I can provide my mother and sister documents which shows the same scenario.
Now can you tell me what should I do and do we have any legal rights according to the British law in this case to claim the British nationality as birth right even if our father is not helping . If yes then how should I apply .
If no then where should I go for justice which door should I knock for justice .

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Posted by admin - October 25, 2011 at 8:00 am

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Can a wife evict her husband from her rented home?

Bando Asked: Can a wife evict her husband from her rented home?

I am 35 yrs male married for 5 yrs to a 31yrs female. We have a 3.5 yr old male child who i have taken care of from birth as my wife works and is the sole income holder above 1.5L per month. I am a high school pass out where as she is an MBA. her parents have become financially very weak and have egged her to file for divorce to live off her. i have no property or income. All the contents of the rented house are purchased by me. It was a mutual decision for us to switch roles for better earning capabilities. i have been ousted out of my only place to reside with out any belongings.
Can i claim custody of child?
What is the maximum visitation per week granted by court?
Can i claim maintenance?
How do i claim my belongings?

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Posted by admin - September 28, 2011 at 7:00 am

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Disappointed Marriage Life from day one, Is Divorce an solution? now having strong crush on other ot

Syissa Asked: Disappointed Marriage Life from day one, Is Divorce an solution? now having strong crush on other ot

My marriage was arranged on 25/02/2010, as i was working in a very busy retail showroom in dubai. where i never had rest always work and day offs only 15 days once and never had time to mingle with girls. so i ended arranged marriage after going thru couple of photos, i chose one girl,

Here starts my problem they quickly arranged an engagement and when i saw engagement photos i didn't like her. the first photo was photoshopped, i was told she was MBA so i thought she will behave good and be understanding i got convinced and when i spoke to her later all my dreams crushed as we are totally opposite. she didn't know to speak english or understand and no way got feelings of modern life or funny jokes. after marriage i left to dubai quick from india very sick and disappointment, being totally disappointed i tried the time as a healer i was very positive and kept calling her from Dubai everyday.

But she hurt me couple of times very badly by her words which still haunts me as excuse to leave her. later she joined me here in dubai, it was very hard for me to live with her without thrill or fun after continuous bedroom fights, almost i become very week and stressed, But god blessed us she become pregnant ( our sex was totally mechanical) and i flew with her and dropped her in her home for delivery and came back for work. i never felt her absence and i'm very much happy without her and after few months i met a Indian girl, i fell for her without second thought i feel she will make my life complete, my walking more happier and bedroom more meaning full. my wife will be delivering next month october 2011. and i'm planning divorce here, with no clue to start how? i don't blame my wife for this, even she would have dreamed a better guy. i'm very adjustive and understanding, but i want to live happily and stress free, it's paining to teach every single thing to your wife of modern life like computer, books,reading…..etc, still i don't know how she completed MBA.

Please Please Please advise me can i go for divorce if yes, what impact she will have on her life and i can support her financially every month or one time settlement and if she wishes i can take my child with me.
Please please spend some time for a good advise. thanks for your time.

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Posted by admin - September 21, 2011 at 10:00 am

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Adult stepchild wants to move in…?

Shanna Thib Asked: Adult stepchild wants to move in…?

My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years, about two months ago our marriage was on the rocks and we were split up for 3 months or so…ended up working it out for the most part, until now. ( his kids have been a huge issue for our marriage because he sends them large amounts of money and stuff behind my back )We have two daughters ages 2 and 4 and live in a small but comfortable apartment. My husband has two older children ages 21 and 19. The 19 year old girl has major attitude problems, as does the 21 year old son. ( Also along with violent rage issues, drug addiction, high school drop outs and also neither of them hold a job ) I have had a very rocky relationship with my step kids because I refused to let them party constantly and forced them to go to school while they lived with us, so after a year or so the step kids moved back in with their birth mother, because she lets them do whatever like. (Even gets drunk with them and also does not hold a job etc. )

Over the weekend my step daughter call and spoke to my husband ( I was out grocery shopping ) and step daughter told him some twisted story about her boyfriends parents hating her and they are kicking her and her 22 year old boyfriend out of their home. My husband offered for her to move here and also helped her find flight tickets to our town. I have never met her boyfriend and he also does not have a job but supposedly is not working because he is in college.

Because of the substance abuse, violence, disrespect and chaos my step daughter brought into my home in the past, I am absolutely mortified to think she will be moving in again and now also my two toddlers have to ride through the train wreck that is bound to happen. Also her older brother is 100 times worse when it comes to problems will no doubt want to move back home since he is about to be kicked out of his 'home' that he shares with his wife and her parents. ( divorce or splitting up seems to be rapidly approaching for him ) Both step kids have threatened my life, stolen anything they could from me ( cell phones, money, RX pills, jewelry and clothing etc) refuse to help around the home etc etc etc

How do I handle this, do I tell them not to come here even thought they already bought tickets and my husband invited them? Or do I let them come here and be stressed to death until we reach some sort of pre planned move out date?

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Posted by admin -  at 10:00 am

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