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Is it fair or hypocritical for my husband to take care of his ex-girlfriend’s daughter and she’s NOT

Stephanie Asked: Is it fair or hypocritical for my husband to take care of his ex-girlfriend’s daughter and she’s NOT

This is a screwed up situation. I've been with my husband Blake for 6 years(legally married for three). I started dating Blake in 2005 while he was still in a relationship with his son's mother Faye. Okay, it was wrong for me to be involved with a man who was already taken but Faye is a SLUT and she was cheating on Blake just as much as he was cheating on her. So, I felt no remorse and I still don't. Faye found out she was pregnant the same year I met Blake, so Blake dumped me to "make it work with her". And guess what? He came back to me less than a month later when it DIDN'T work out and they broke up for good. But Blake and I continued dating. In early 2006, Faye gave birth to her daughter and told Blake that it was only a 5% chance that the little girl isn't his.

Okay, the son that Blake and Faye have together looks EXACTLY like Blake. The little girl, on the other hand, looks NOTHING like Blake. Even when the DNA test confirmed that Blake is NOT the girl's father, he decided to take responsibility because the biological father wanted nothing to do with her. So I tried to respect Blake's decision to accept the little girl as his daughter. Blake and I got married in 2008 and had our own daughter together in 2009. "If he cheated with you, he'll cheat on you", <SO TRUE. 7 months ago, Blake banged some other woman in our apartment and the evil skank stole our rent money which led to our eviction. I was so mad. I told Blake I wanted a divorce(of course we never went through with it), so I took our daughter and moved in with my parents until I found another apartment. While Blake and I were separated, I had sex with this other guy a few times and I ended up pregnant. The jerk disappeared once I told him. So, being weak and vulnerable, I begged Blake to come back home to me and our daughter. I also asked if he would raise the child I was pregnant with as his own. Blake said he'll come back home ONLY if I get an abortion. It wasn't an easy decision but I did it for the sake of my marriage. I still think about it and cry sometimes. Anyway, Blake is back at home with me and our 2-year old daughter. Of course, he's still being a good father to the son he has with Faye but I can't help but feel resentful that he's also being a father to Faye's daughter when she is NOT his child. He took responsibility for that little girl even though she's NOT his yet he asked his own WIFE to get an abortion just because it was another man's baby? Am I wrong to feel hurt? What should I say to him?

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I have a essay due tomorrow and i would like some help in a persuavive writing. If anyone can give m

Stephanie Asked: I have a essay due tomorrow and i would like some help in a persuavive writing. If anyone can give m

Homelessness is a serious that affects thousands of people each year. Its a problem that the Government is committed to tackling more effectively each year. Is it right that we should acknowledge the seriousness and extent of the problem-and the impact of homelessness? It is affecting society in many levels. There are many cases of homelessness.
There are those you make their own choice of becoming homelessness because they dont want to be a part of society. These people are usually lacking serious social skills. Then they are those you dont make the choice of becoming homeless because of economic issues. These are the people we need to help financially.The other people make their choice of being homeless because they simply dont want to support themselves these are the people that need to receive professional medical help. (Johnson, Para 3, 2010)

There are many issues facing poverty stricken families in Georgia. One that has the most impact on the future of our generation is homeless youth. Today society we act as homeless is a normalcy. How can we say or act as being homeless on street is okay. America is the richest country yet they cannot create programs to help people to stay off the streets for good. There should not be homelessness in America.
Someone sees a person who is not clean and have a buggy people assume that person is homeless. What to say the person has a home but just is mentally unstable or something else is going on with that person. All I can say is this instead of judging we should as a society help one another. Its scary when I see people walk right pass a homeless person like they are invisible.
I seen this with my own eyes where I live there was a homeless guy and he was looking at subway so I knew he was hungry. He asked a couple of people for change one gave him some and the other one brushed him off. So, my sister and I called him over to the car and gave him enough money to get a sandwich from subway. He told us God bless you and have a good day. When a homeless person is looking at a restaurant and you can see the person is hungry.
The person do not offering them food or water and walk right by the person. I look at that situation like that could be them hopefully someone will give you a hand. The state of Georgia is ranked in the top 3 of terrible cities regarding treatment of the homeless. Why everyone cannot be treated just like you would want someone to be treated. Georgia Department of Community Affairs stated that an estimated 20,000-plus Georgians are living on the street or in emergency shelters. Georgia Department of Education says their children in school in Chatham County are mostly homeless children. (Shabazz, Para 8, 2011)
The problem is that more families are becoming homeless in Georgia because lack of jobs. Also, families are losing their jobs and homes because they cannot afford their mortgage payments. The unemployment checks are not enough to cover everything they have to pay. The families are forced to decide whether to go to family or somewhere else. Many of the homeless are woman that have become divorced or have left home because of physical abuse.
These women have no educational because they have not been given the opportunity to get the education that is necessary nowadays to get the job. Therefore there are forced to live on the streets. They have no family to help them and they are left with no choice.

Although homelessness has been a historically significant phenomenon in the United States, it still remains difficult to cull reliable and comprehensive data about homeless individuals. Indeed given the difficulty of tracking and finding individuals who are homeless because of the variability in their locations, national data may significantly underestimate the incidence and prevalence of this social condition.
Homelessness is a serious problem everywhere and now that our government is cutting programs. When will it become enough people on the street and a way too help these get homes and be able to keep them. Maybe its more economic where some of them got layoff and just couldt afford paying rent. All I know is this unless we get things together and stop acting like this is not a problem. It is going too keep going on until something is done.
Then you have the veterans who has fought for our country and came back to the United States ended up on the street. Even its because they have mental problems from what they seen and just couldt handle it on its own. Instead giving these people help through counseling before it gets too a serious point. They just leave it alone like the problem for these people will go away. Then somehow they cannot deal with everyday challenges and end up homeless. When will we supply real homes for these people not temporary? Until we have a society come together and truly help these people there will always be a problem with these people. Until, we announce homeless is not just hav

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