Visa in Australia for a parent of a NZ citizen child?

Mel Asked: Visa in Australia for a parent of a NZ citizen child?

I have been living in NZ for 6 years and was married to a NZ citizen and had a child (NZ citizen by birth) but never obtained a permenant residency to stay in NZ permenantly because my marriage with my husband ended short.
I managed to extend my stay for 12 months after studying for few months and gaining special short terms visa after our seperation.
Im now back in my home country with my child after my visitor visa expired.
My new partner of 3 years and I are considering moving to Australia for his new career and a new life for the three of us.
What are the visa option for me beside visitor visa?
I already have the tourist visa 676 visa valid till end of next year.
I do realise working holiday is not for a parent with dependent child but could I get an exeption if the child is a NZ citizen and is living with my NZ citizen partner in Australia already?
Could I apply for this after my visitor visa is expired or is it not possible since they are both based on tourist visa?
How about a parent's visa, could I be eligible for this?
My child is 4years old and Im in my mid 20s.
The other visa option I saw was partnership visa.
My new NZ partner and I have been living together for 3years but I'm still going through my divorce from my previous marriage and my partner now has sponsored his ex-partner for a permenant residency in 2008 so he cannot sponsor me for a partmenrship visa in NZ for another 2years.
Would this affect the partnership visa requirements in australia too?

I'd like to know the options of visas for my situation.
We plan go to Australia in the next few weeks to see which cities suit for us and places to stay etc..and hopefully find a solution for all of us family to be together..

I know I should get a professional opinion on this but I thought I'd give it a shot on here first to see if anyone has good information regarding these kind of situation. I have done tons of research on official visa websites too but it just wasnt helpful enough for my situation.
any small information will be helpful.
Thank you very much!


Clara A Answered:
Your answer is your question.have her read this posting.You are being very honest in the post, you are taking responsibility for playing games, and you are sounding sincere.So,have her read this post.If its not enough then you have to take the consequences of your actions.

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