Wedding – Daughter/Father?

liulin04 Asked: Wedding – Daughter/Father?

Tradition for a wedding is for the father of the bride to walk his daughter down the aisle, and give her hand to the groom to signify him becoming the most important male figure in his daughter's life.What do you do in the case when the father is no longer here, as in an irreconcilable divorce that the father refuses to come to his daughter's wedding?In this case, does the mother of the bride hold her daughter's hand to be given to the groom?Thanks!


Keith Old Answered:
G'day Liulin04,

Thank you for your question.

It depends if the father is not available. You could have the stepfather or another male relative. Or it could be the mother.

It really depends on the wishes of the bride more than anything else.


sara Answered:
It can go a few ways, the bride can either ask an important male figure in her life such as a brother uncle grandfather cousin if none of those are possible the mother of the bride or the father of the groom. Unless the father of the groom falls under the important male figure in her life then it would be last resort. Really though it doesn't have to be a family member it can be a childhood friend or a favorite teacher the possibilities are endless.

almarj70 Answered:
My father died7 years before I got married and as far as I was concerned that job belonged to him andhim only. I walked down the aisle alone wearinghis medals( he was a Vietnam veteran)so I would have something of his with me.

ohhellothere Answered:
The bride could always walk down the aisle by herself.

But if she doesn't want to then yes I think its perfectly ok for the mother of the bride to walk her down, or the bride's father-in-law to be

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