What is better for a man as regards marital status………..?

I know everything Asked: What is better for a man as regards marital status………..?

What is better for a man as regards marital status?

Just think about this from a western viewpoint with all the legalities, and compare the advantages/disadvantages between being married and not being married.

In western society with all the legal processes, marriage is such a fragile, stressful, uncertain, disloyal, non-committing type of arrangement. I suppose on the up side there is a possibility it may work, but there is no denying that a women will always has issues to deal with, and there is always going to be a stress to deal with in keeping the woman thinking that she is happy. It's too much to deal with; there is enough sh't in life without that.

Conversely, a single person never has a legal issue with an arrangement of this type. A single person does not have the figurative ball and chain that they have carry around to persecute themselves with. A single never has to worry about a knife in their back from those who are playing the part of your best friend. On the down side, I suppose there is the issue of loneliness.

But in the end you have to wonder which is the lesser of the two evils?


AyHy Answered:
I see very little point in getting married unless you plan to have children.

Once children are involved, trying to create a nuclear family for that child is the right thing to do, your own happiness be damned.

Personally, I think that living a life trying to avoid both marriage and children is awfully nihilistic. Really, what's the point? To be as comfortable as possible before you eventually die?

Voice of Reality Answered:
Long term relationships without marriage.Win/win.

Its better than a stick in the eye Answered:
Good thing you didn't waste paper and ink on this crap.

You know nothing.

Your only point made here is that you with your lack of worldly knowledge hate women and family.

Grow up, shut up and listen until you do..

Ghadahav Morchaffi Answered:
pursue love, and relationships that are mutually satisfactory

marriage, sadly, in US anyway, is a 'legal' state – a contractual obligation. and like it or not, there are gold diggers and sad stats about marriage fragility.

so, the best option is to mediate a path that may include marriage, but to make sure that you have not been hoodwinked or deceived. if you are at all unsure, do not sign the contract, and like with any contract, put your reasons for declining it into terms that are very clear, so the counterparty can be satisfied with the outcome

Andromeda Answered:
marriage doesnt fail because of marriage, it fails because of the persons involved in the marriage and the person they choose to get involved in marriage with

which means when it fails then in the majority of cases the fault lay with both of them

for couples who think before taking this type of major descision i know couples both with legal marriages and without marriages but personal commitment who last for life without a problem, and its mutually beneficial

a better way for the system too work is it should be as hard too marry as it is too get divorced (more people may think it through if it wasnt so easy to get married), and as easy too get divorced as it is too get married (so that when it doesnt work and you need too get it disolved it can happen quickly too not drag out the pain)

ie the level of difficulty should be reversed on marriage and divorse, and likely more marriages would work

you cant live on love and air, emotions arent enough to make a relationship work, there need too be more, but many get blindsided with emotions and that is where things can go wrong

Olds Cool Answered:
If you don't want to get married, don't.No one's forcing you to.

But what's always interesting to me is that so many "men" come on here and say this sort of stuff, assuming really outlandish stuff like:
1) all women want to be married
2) anyone cares if YOU get married
3) anyone is invested in USA having a bunch of married people
4) all women are after YOU to get married to

Severe Anxiety Answered:
……. idk

nurgle69 Answered:


actually only 33% of marriages end in divorce, marriage wins over for most people 2/3, on a personal level it's a bet, it would be next to impossible for most people to be as well off unmarried, as they would be if they married. divorce is tricky as remarriage is always an option, a constant string of failed marriages would be an equal other side of the coin to remarriage.

I don't think the question is truely answerable, nothing really seems able to predict which marriages will and won't work.

even marriage breakdown due to the death of a partner can throw off a lot of the above.

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