what the heck is wrong with people? cant thet read anything longer then a tweet?

Tyler Asked: what the heck is wrong with people? cant thet read anything longer then a tweet?

I write questions that are as long necessary to explain all the facts or as long as Yahoo Answers allows me, and all I hget is responses like."Let me know when you're done with that book you're writing!"How about you just dont answer my question if you can't be bothered to read for more than 30 seconds at a time. Why are you on Yahoo Answers: marriage and divorce if you are onlt willing to answer questions like "My wife;s a ***** should I leave her, LOL!?!?!?"Piss off.


ladystang Answered:
most, nope

Starfish Answered:
I'll read it if it is properly punctuated with paragraphs.It's when it's a wall of text that I move on.

Little miss cant be wrong Answered:
You sound upset about something.

RydeOn Answered:
While your issues and details may be very important and interesting to you , they bore the general public.

One of the tricks to using Y/A to it's potential is to keep your questions to a length that you can keep your audiences attention.

Rene Bywaters Answered:
I agree, I have asked questions and no response, or the response I get is in some sort of code language aka" lol…and so forth.

Our society has become so used to abbreviated communication that a true open line of communication has flown out the window……

As far as your question re: your wife being a " >>>>>"

aren't most women a bit pissy from time to time, as are most men…?
If we decide to leave every relationship due to mood swings we would all be single.

Now if you had elaborated on why she is a "%%%%%" then perhaps a real answer could be summoned…

me Answered:
That starfish really gets me….in her spelling check, why is she on here if she is going to judge anyone…sorry it is that most of the people on here our looking just to have fun…they are all fake people! i guess sad to say even me at times!! i will try and look for ur questions and answer as honest as i can!!

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