what the hell is he playing at?

punter Asked: what the hell is he playing at?

imdivorcing my husband at last..he is controlling in every degree, ive been frightened of him for many years mentally, now im ready for divorce, i really can not take no more.
he hasnt spoken to any of my friends or their husbands for over 2 years, although they do text him every now and then.
but now all of a sudden he is texting them back…why/
he could cause me trouble with them do you think this is his intention?


Bria Answered:

Sarah L Answered:
Ive reported Bria.

people who answer "idk" want shooting.

Liz Answered:
He's probably looking for support, which shows he's worried. I assume your friends know what he is like, so he won't be able to cause any trouble. Best of luck!

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