why did my husband hit me and get mad at me for confronting him about his cheating?

Jennifer Asked: why did my husband hit me and get mad at me for confronting him about his cheating?

i waited until i had plenty of evidence before i confronted my husband of cheating so he couldnt deny it. first he laughed a little, then we argued for 2 hours cuz he was mad at me for finding out i guess. a few hours later when he cooled down he wanted to have sex with me! since we only have sex 2-3 times a month(cuz he never wants it, not cuz i wont give it to him. HE turns ME down for sex ALOT), so i gave in to him. a couple days later he thought i had forgotten about the whole thing, but when he found out that i had actually been doing research on the internet finding out more info on 'the other woman', he was furious! he tried to break my laptop. when i locked it in my moms car(she witnessed this fight), so he couldnt break it, he hit me so hard i had big red whelps on my neck for hours! i left for a few days & when i came back i told him i was going to a hotel & he had 3 days to find a place to stay. i gave him 1 month to figure out if he wants to come back home or if he wants a divorce. he seemed very happy to be leaving. we have 2 girls together(3yrs & 1yr) i love him so much & want to be with him forever, but after the way he reacted, i dont know what to do. i want what is best for my kids. its only been a few days since he left, & i miss him so much. our 3yr old keeps asking where is her daddy & it breaks my heart cuz my mom left my dad when i was 7 & never saw him much after their divorce. im so depressed & confused. im open to advice & opinions please.


Merlin Answered:
find your self respect for your girls if not for yourself

he is an abusive douche
they deserve better even if you think you dont

Hazella Answered:
1. He cheated on you obviously he doesn't care about you (Im sorry)
2. He HIT YOU! (He surely doesn't give a **** about you)
Leave him! Now. Kick his cheating beating *** out! He doesn't deserve you! Don't stay with a man that cheats on you and abuses you once a cheater always a cheater. Save the kids. Think when there 10-18 and they have a cheating abusive dad around them. I grew up with it. Don't put them through it. Let them remember him as a nice guy not keep seeing an abusive dick. Say he died. he should be dead hes scum.
Sorry you love him but don't he obviously doesn't love you anymore you don't need him 🙂

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