Why do American women hate American men marrying foreign women?

Na Asked: Why do American women hate American men marrying foreign women?

Why do American women hate American men marrying foreign women?

Don't they realize it's their own doing for making divorce a hellhole for men? Perhaps if
they didn't demand alimony and child support payments and are willing to give man
custody of there children like in the middle east, more men would want to get married to
American women. Most American children born to foreign women are raised in the same
close nit family structure of the 1950's have a better relationship with there mother and
there American father, and are better behaved and should be able to properly present
them selves abroad for the same reason US diplomats can. This is why Tiger Woods has
two children with a Swedish mother. Tiger Woods and most Swedish man should be
satisfied with the divorce settlement. Many women from other countries (Asia, Europe,
Latin America would say that American women are monsters and are horrible mother
for not willing to do this. I am sure that the Swedish ex wife of Tiger Woods will explain to her children that 90 percent of American women are horrible mothers.Only American women who are raised the same way, as Michael Obama & US diplomats are good mothers.

A Swedish woman is less likely than an American woman to fulfill your man-centric fantasy. The Swedish parliament has almost as many women as men. If you're angry that the world isn't revolving around you, taking out that anger on women just makes you look more sad. Source(s): http://www.idea.int/news/upload/sweden_women.pdf


Trigger happy Hamster Answered:
Are you asking a question, or should I bring you a soap box for moar whine?

C'mon… “Why do american women…“ Woah, stop there. ALL american women?All millions and bagillions of them?

Your back alley singular experience shouldn't be expressed in the form of a nation, particularly if poorly intellectually construed.

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